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1699Re: [DCU] Need help for another first name for this supervillain I created

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  • Bill Hollis
    Jul 30, 2007
      How about Leto? The way he dresse, he sounds like a
      Leto...good luck, dude, sounds great!
      --- Jason Case <nightavenger25@...> wrote:

      > I have created my own super hero and he has a love
      > interest, 3 super
      > hero allies he is going to have more, 12 major
      > enemies and he more to
      > come and a city of where his adventures take place
      > which is in
      > Chicago, and up to 4 issues written with the first 2
      > appearnces of
      > one of his major enemies, another first appearnce of
      > another one of
      > his major enemies, and then the last issue where he
      > takes on a gang.
      > Anyways here is the description of the supervillain
      > I recently
      > created.
      > Psychodemon
      > Real Name Nick Rippner
      > Height 6'
      > Weight 205
      > Eye Color Brown as human black when he was changed
      > to to obtain his
      > powers abilties
      > Hair Color Black
      > Skin Color White since being changed to obtain his
      > powers abilties it
      > is red.
      > Now if you can suggust a better first name to go in
      > front of Rippner
      > I would appreciate it. Although keep in mind that
      > don't suggust Jason
      > because it's already being used by my main super
      > hero as his real
      > first name and not Jack because it has already been
      > used.
      > Appearnce He has long black hair covering all of his
      > neck with his
      > bangs going combed foward, has two earings and is in
      > top shape much
      > like Captain America. He wears a black biker jacket
      > the same kind Tom
      > Cruise had in War of the Worlds with a dark red
      > collar, dark plain
      > gray t shirt,black tights, and burgundy red boots.
      > Powers Abitlies Mastermind at thinking of ways to
      > kill people and
      > having them suffer a lot before dying. He is a
      > deadly hand to hand
      > combatant despite not being skilled in any forms of
      > martial arts. He
      > is an expert at trying to screw up his opponents
      > concentration by
      > trash talk or him saying he will win the fight and
      > they won't be
      > putting much of a fight, along with any other
      > upsetting event. He is
      > also skilled with many types of knives, swords, and
      > other non related
      > weapons that aren't guns. He can project hellfire
      > bolts. He has
      > superhuman strength up to 12 tons,Mach 1 speed which
      > is which is
      > level 4 in the Marvel Universe with 7 being the
      > highest, enhanced
      > durability, and he can control people with low self
      > esteem. He also
      > has the best vision beyond human able to see even
      > darkest light.
      > Nick is a bit of drama machine who is as competive
      > as it comes and is
      > a starting stat leading wide reciever who almost
      > always has 2 or more
      > tds in a gane and usually 100 or more yards
      > recieving.He had offers
      > to 3 Big 10 Schools, 5 Big 12 Schools, and 4 Sec
      > Schools.
      > If you can think of a first name that sounds better
      > in front of
      > Rippner then please tell me. Also don't say Jason
      > because that is
      > already being taken by my main super hero as his
      > real first name and
      > not Jack because it's already been used.

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