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122Re: A newbie question

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  • Glenn Moss
    Oct 7, 2005
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      Oops... hit send before I wrote my reply.

      Yes the JSA (Justice Society of America) is a seperate group from the
      JLA (Justice League of America).

      The JSA is the older of the two groups, comprised of golden age heroes
      and some recent revisions of old characters. It began in the late
      30's and was revived by DC in the 60's.

      The JLA was created when the Silver Age began in the early 60's and
      was a "modern" version of the JSA. The biggest difference was that
      the JLA had both Batman and Superman as members where the JSA did not.

      It was also part of the beginning of the Earth I and Earth II multiple
      earths in the DC comics universe that ended in Crisis on Infinite

      Hope this helps...


      --- In dc_comics_uncensored@yahoogroups.com, "adv913" <adv913@y...>
      > I recently began collecting comics, and have a question I just can't
      > figure out.
      > There are 2 series of DC superheor groups: JSA and JLA
      > Can someone please explain to me the differences/similairties
      > the two series of books?
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