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Re: Flash returns to TV? Yep, it is being spun off from the Arrow TV series where Barry Allen did a two episode appearance. ... Yep, it is being spun off from the Arrow TV series where
David McMahon
Apr 1
Re: Flash returns to TV? Sent from Huawei Mobile
Apr 1
Flash returns to TV? An article in the New York Times Sunday on Warner Brothers' CEO seems to be confirming a Flash TV series. Doing some googling turned up a cast list for the
Edward Bebee
Apr 1
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Lady Action Event in Lombard, IL wanted to share this information LADY ACTION EVENT AT TONNER CONVENTION British Superspy Lady Action - spun out of the nostalgic Captain Action comic book
Mar 31
New Interview: Gal Gadot 'Very Excited' for Role as Wonder Woman From https://tv.yahoo.com/news/interview-gal-gadot-very-excited-role-wonder-woman-213200351.html  By David Weiner Newly minted Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot
Mar 29
Shane Zapcic http://photofairies.ru/qmh/fox-news.php Shane Zapcic
Shane Zapcic
Mar 9
Re: Gotham TV series From https://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/-gotham--casts-its-young-bruce-wayne-and-selina-kyle-222202321.html
Mar 4
Re: Gotham TV series From http://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/-gotham--casting-roundup--gordon--alfred--the-penguin--and-more-032957559.html 'Gotham' Casting: Who's Playing Gordon,
Feb 20
Re: Gotham TV series Ed, You're exactly right. IIRC James Gordon had an affair with Sarah Essen that broke up his first marriage (to Barbara). Of course, I'm recalling the DCU of
Feb 14
Re: Gotham TV series Interesting. It's got potential but I'm always cautiously optimistic when comics get adapted. I like the idea that Essen's in it. IIRC, wasn't she Gordon's 2nd
Edward Bebee
Feb 14
Re: Gotham TV series Green lantern ftw
John Z
Feb 14
Gotham TV series From http://tv.yahoo.com/news/scoop-fox-39-gotham-casts-penguin-alfred-james-175948833.html Scoop: Fox's Gotham Casts The Penguin, Alfred, James Gordon's
Feb 13
Re: Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer ... As I understand it, the N52 Captain Atom exists in a super position in spacetime. So he can be many places at once and have conversations with his past &
Edward Bebee
Jan 27
Re: Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer ... What does abstract mean for this post?
Jan 26
Re: Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer I wrote a blog post about Cap Atom's ever-changing character. It's funny how he used to be the basis for Dr Manhattan, now Captain Atom has now more in common
Jan 23
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Re: Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer i d think 2014/1/22 Edward Bebee ... -- A.F.E.R.J. Academia da Frota Estelar Rio de Janeiro www.aferj.adm.br -Somar os fãs de Jornada
Henrique (Henri-EL)
Jan 22
Re: Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer That might very well be the case. I have read precious few of the N52. I quit buying comics back in the '90s and have just recently started getting back into
Brian Addis
Jan 22
Re: Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer and......... Game Over!!!!!! 2014/1/21 Brian Addis ... -- A.F.E.R.J. Academia da Frota Estelar Rio de Janeiro www.aferj.adm.br
Henrique (Henri-EL)
Jan 22
Re: Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer ... I've only read one issue of the N52 Captain Atom and his powers seem a lot more abstract now. At first glance, he might be more powerful than the Surfer.
Edward Bebee
Jan 22
Re: Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer Just to be fair, I would need to review my old Who's Who so as to refresh myself w/ Captain Atom's powers. Of course that's assuming his modern version holds
Brian Addis
Jan 21
Comics Article Hey Everyone, I'm excited to be part of this group! I wrote this article last week with a lot of DC characters in it. I hope you enjoy! If anyone wants to let
Ian Boucher
Jan 21
Re: Green Lantern Fans Not unless I don’t get to say Ch’p or Kilowog... Jonathan Michael Reiter jmr From: hobgood_william@... Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2014 3:04 PM To:
Jonathan Reiter
Jan 5
Re: Green Lantern Fans Would it be wrong if it I said G'nort?
Jan 5
Re: Green Lantern Fans ... That's tough. There are a lot of them that I like better than the human ringbearers but I'm not sure who I would pick as my favourite. --> e
Ed J Bebee
Jan 5
Green Lantern Fans If you had to pick just ONE character, who would be your favorite NON-HUMAN ringbearer?
Jan 4
Re: movie question The last superman movie released was Man of Steel. It's a reboot. This received negativity because there are people unwilling to accept this is not at all Iike
Dec 18, 2013
Batgirl Beyond From http://powfemmefatale.com/2013/11/15/batgirl-beyond/ 15 November 2013 posted by powfemmefatale Here’s a wonderful thing, a new arc in the Batman Beyond
Dec 13, 2013
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Re: movie question Superman represent honesty and loyalty, though not to the degree if telling anyone but Lana Lang and any intimate friend his identity. Any script must begin
Jonathan Hunter-Kilmer
Nov 23, 2013
Re: movie question ... I'd agree with you. I had blocked out how bad those films were. The Joel Schumacher Batman films were also worse than Superman Returns. But Superman
Ed J Bebee
Nov 23, 2013
Re: movie question I realize that I'm in the minority but Superman 3 & 4 (the Chris Reeve movies) make Superman Returns look like a 5 Star movie. For me the major problem with
Rich & Deb
Nov 22, 2013
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