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WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT: The Truth About Black Male Prison Sexuality ON SALE NOW!

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  • Hassan
    http://brotherhassans.blogspot.com/2012/12/hey-guys-get-your-copy-today.html My book, When The Lights Go Out: The Truth About Black Male Prison Sexuality , is
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      My book, "When The Lights Go Out: The Truth About Black Male Prison Sexuality", is the culmination of a study that I conducted among over 2,000 current and former black male prison inmates, a study of human sexuality, sexual identity politics within the prison social fabric, and the separation of fact from myth as it relates to long held stereotypes of prison sexual abuse. I examine the role of education, religion, hip-hop, homophobia, and the impact of what I call a "manhood vacuum" on young black men in prison, who are being trafficked in and out of the system at annual rates higher than the population of black slaves in the U.S. in 1850, shortly before the Civil War.

      www.brohassansbooks.com <----CLICK HERE FOR YOUR COPY TODAY!!!!!!!

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