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Fw: MAS Freedom Expresses Serious Concern on Legal Grounds for Muslim Leader's Bail

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      Subject: MAS Freedom Expresses Serious Concern on Legal Grounds for Muslim Leader's Bail

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      <December 3, 2003 – MEDIA ADVISORY>

      Legal Contact: Stanley Cohen (917) 544-5471

      MAS Freedom Foundation, Washington, DC: (202) 496-1288

      In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

      MAS Freedom Expresses Serious Concern on Legal Grounds for Muslim Leader's Bail Denial

      WASHINGTON - Federal courts hearing the case of Muslim community leader Abdurahman Alamoudi are continuing to ignore legal arguments and fact witnesses.

      In a brief order issued November 26, a three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals denied Alamoudi’s request for bail pending his February 2004 trial on trumped-up political charges.

      Following a pattern set by the federal district court judge who last month refused to hear testimony from witnesses at Alamoudi’s bail hearing, the three-judge appellate panel did not cite any legal or factual basis in denying the appeal.

      "While bail hearings are always unpredictable, I was shocked that the appeals court didn’t even pretend to entertain our arguments," stated Stanley Cohen, lead counsel for Alamoudi.

      Certain salient factors were ignored in the bail hearing. The government, for example, stated under oath, that Alamoudi had no contacts in the United States; this, notwithstanding the fact that agents raided the Falls Church, Virginia home where Alamoudi, a U.S. citizen, has lived with his family for over five years.

      The district court last month found that Alamoudi was not a threat to national security, but that his lack of contacts in the U.S. made him a flight risk, and unlikely to appear at trial if freed on bail.

      Numerous witnesses were made available, and affidavits were filed, in which countless Americans stated their confidence that Alamoudi would appear. In fact, over 20 individuals pledged the equity in their homes for bond, effectively willing to lose their homes to the government if Alamoudi did not appear for trial.

      "With the restrictions Alamoudi was willing to endure, such as electronic monitoring, and refraining from travel outside the area, there is no conceivable way he would have disappeared before the trial," stated Ashraf Nubani, one of the local attorneys on the case.

      "With the finding that he was not a threat, he normally would have been released on the $3 million bail," Nubani added.

      MAS Freedom Foundation Executive Director Mahdi Bray stated, "Justice is turned on its head when alleged murderers, rapists, and pedophiles can get bail and sail, and respected Muslim leaders, smeared as terrorists without any charges, get jail and legal hell."

      "It is indeed a sad day for Muslims and the American legal system."

      Alamoudi has been incarcerated at the Alexandria Detention Center since September 29, 2003, where he was arrested on unsubstantiated charges that normally warrant a fine and/or penalty. Alamoudi stated he will vigorously fight the charges, and expects to be vindicated at trial.

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      * The Freedom Foundation is the public affairs arm of the Muslim
      American Society (MAS), a national grassroots religious, social, and
      educational organization. Learn more at www.masnet.org.
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