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rule criticisms

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  • Simon Bargery
    I think the DBX systems, and especialy DBA are a fantastic way to play wargames. I like the lack of casualties and morale testing, I see these things in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
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      I think the DBX systems, and especialy DBA are a fantastic way to play
      I like the lack of 'casualties' and 'morale' testing, I see these things in
      other systems and they seem so removed from the business of organised
      ancient conflict. Casualties were never noted and ticked off untill the
      break point, in fact there are some instances were units were almost wiped
      out, but fought valiantly and overcame the odds to win. Does not the term
      'phyrric victory' stem from a situation exactly like this.
      Morale is a strange one too, usually based on surrounding troops actions and
      casualties plus a die roll. I don't like the die roll here, when has pure
      chance played a part in morale.?
      Phil has accomplished a great deal with DB stuff.
      To pull something so cool from the quagmire of the WRG rules was astounding.
      I like simple stuff, I like the system of DBA the most.
      I think players expect too much when they ask direct, sometimes badly put,
      critisicm directly to Phil. With WRG there was an alias, a bunch of scribes,
      all bent of creating a set of rules so accurate they would sweep all before
      them. With Phils name on DBX stuff he is seen as a direct target. I get the
      feeling people want rewrites on demand, how about just using a pencil and
      adding a margin note?
      DBA is a great game and it's what this particular list discusses, it brought
      me back after at least a dozen years away. My girlfriend plays, some of my
      friends are interested, it's accesible.
      I have sort of lost my thread now.
      I guess the point is be nice to Phil, if we want to change something then do
      it yourself. The rule book is fantastic for competitions (although a quick
      run through by a technical author would really help) but for local fun, do
      what you want.
      As for army lists, they are nice, but can't possibly be totally
      comprehensive, the carthagian army has elephants when Hannibal didn't,
      wasn't he a late Carthagian? Armies change over time.
      My critique on DBA would be: it is an ace system, but, could do with being
      rewritten in a more understandable syntax, should have standard bases for
      the element types (make the DBM lists comply with DBA?) and could do with a
      nicer cover.
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