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Re: Heavy Bows playtest 2

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  • xavier_requejo
    Hi there! I just receivfed and read the Armies of the Middle Ages vol 1 (Ian Heath, WRG). There is a nice section about the battles of the period. I looked
    Message 1 of 85 , Oct 1, 2007
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      Hi there!

      I just receivfed and read the "Armies of the Middle Ages vol 1 (Ian
      Heath, WRG). There is a nice section about the battles of the period.

      I looked for instances of archers charging into close combat (or
      being forced to take part in close combat.

      - In 2 battles out of more than 100 they arementioned charging into
      the melee
      - In the cases that they were forced to enter close combat by light
      or heavy troops, they were slaughtered.
      - They are always mentioned to have quite good chances against
      infantry that were NOT men at arms (Ax, Bw and Ps in DBA terms) as
      well as against knights taken by flank shots (hind legs of horses).
      Their impact vs dismounted men at arms (Bd) was quite low, it seems.

      What the book mentions over and over again, is how archers were
      extremely powerful in taking the enemy at enfilade. In DBA terms,
      that is shooting in the rear or flanking the enemy. They are good
      enough at doing that already, don't you think?

      Archers are always mentioned to operate in dense brush, plowed fields
      and other areas unsuitable for cavalry, as far as I can see. Otr they
      prepared the field with holes and stakes if they could and more
      difficult going was not available.

      Given that opinion of an author more versed in this period of history
      than myself I do not see much reason to increase their combat chances
      to more than the +2 they have now...

      Just to let you know. :) If anyone has evidence to the contrary, I
      would love to hear it :D


    • Zuper Nissen
      Sounds very interesting and fun! What models were you using, and how did you build the BUA? Is there any chance there are some pictures of the scenario on the
      Message 85 of 85 , Oct 17, 2007
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        Sounds very interesting and fun! What models were you using, and how did you build the BUA?
        Is there any chance there are some pictures of the scenario on the internet somwhere?I would really like to try to do something like this in the future! :)

        / Jonathan

        To: DBA@yahoogroups.comFrom: alexanderhay@...: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 02:13:18 +0000Subject: [DBA] Re: Historical HOTT

        Played a scenario of Blackhawk Down using HOTT. Made only onemodification to the rules in that Aerials were allowed to freely moveover BUA (which was over half the board).US: General Airboat, 1 Airboat, 2 Flyers, 1 Behemoth (APC), 1 Rider(HUMV), 4 Shooters (SpecOps).Somalis: General Warband, 1 Warband, 1 Beast (technical), 4 Shooters(militia with RPGs), 10 Hordes (militia).board: BUA in the center, sea on on edge with a 6 inch area of goodgoing, opposite that a traffic circle and good going:-----------------------------------------------|___________ |___traffic_ |_______________________________circle__ |____________________________________ |XXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXX|XX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXX|X_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXX|_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|_____ _____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|_____ _____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|_____ _____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|_____ _____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|_____ _____XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|_______________________________________________|_______________________________________________|SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|-----------------------------------------------|X BUAS SEA IMPASSABLE_ ROADThe US forces were the attackers, coming by the sea. The Somalistried to get their troops into the BUA in the center but it was slowgoing. The Shooters, Beast and Warbands were divided into 3 groupswith the Beast and 1 shooter on the Left flank, a Warband and aShooter on the right flank, and General in the Center with 2shooters, Hordes filling in gaps. A group of 4 Hordes formed acolumn and took the road on the left flank, and the Beast with ashooter entered the BUA on the left flank. The US moved to theirleft and began moving in a convoy on the road. They were ambushed bya warband and shooter unit, but repulsed them easily. The US pursuedthe warband unit and killed it. The Shooter fell back deep in theBUA and the rest of the army tried to come to its aid.A complicated melee developed in the center of the BUA, with the 4shooters and the Beast taking on the Aerials and 2 shooters. The USBehemoth, Rider and 2 shooters continued up the road, and advancedagainst the Hordes in front of the Stronghold. US Flyers attackedthe stronghold to no effect, but did provide useful backup againstthe hordes. A US Rider was lost when it was attacked and forced torecoil into the Behemoth. The US Shooters spread out and startedattacking the Hordes who tenaciously held a line between thestronghold and the BUA. (The Horde column slowly moved along thebeachfront road, stopped to buy a soda, check out the girls, etc.They never got into the fighting.)In the center the battle raged. The Somali Warband General enteredthe fray and repulsed US units. The US suffered increasingcasualties as it lost 2 shooters in the BUA, but the Somalis losttheir beast and 2 shooters as well. The US General Aerial unit waspushed back twice to the edge of the board, but the remaining Airboatand shooters surrounded and killed the Somali Warband General.And there you have it. US win with heavy casualties.--- In DBA@yahoogroups.com, mikedemana@... wrote:>> >I used HOTT to play a "Blackhawk Down" Scenario> > Sounds cool...what were the troop types you used for that scenario?> > I agree that HOTT is a great toolbox to simulate all kinds ofdifferent eras of history, as well as fantasy/sci-fi. I use it as thebasis for my Seven Years War gaming...> > In essence, I use 25mm base sizes but 15mm figs on them. That way,the range "looks" better on the tabletop, and it allows nice long,linear battlelines the era was known for.> > I'd be interested in reading other folk's adaptions of HOTT or DBAfor various periods. One of our local gamers has been mentioningrunning early Colonial America Indian warfare scenarios using HOTT,but we haven't played it yet...> > Seeya!> - Mike Demana>

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