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Fw: [DAWG-HSMM] Help with Virtual Tunnel

To Austin BBHN folks...If sending configure and tested hardware to Weatherford is needed, my wife will be going there on Sunday... 73 Dallas, KD4HNX Whatever
Dallas KD4HNX
Mar 25

Help with Virtual Tunnel

DAWG A group of us in Parker County would like to set up a virtual tunnel to move llHDE video from three critical intersections in the center of the county to
Mar 25

Re: Moving Forward

More news is coming shortly!!! --
Rusty Haddock
Mar 18

Moving Forward

See the news at Broadband-Hamnet http://hsmm-mesh.org http://hsmm-mesh.org Broadband-Hamnet http://hsmm-mesh.org Broadband-Hamnet - Amateur Radio Mesh
Mar 18

Participate in Sat. Mar. 28 Field Trip to Dallas Makerspace

A field trip of interest to ham operators in the North Texas area has been planned to visit the Dallas Makerspace on Saturday morning, Mar. 28. You may have
Douglas Kilgore
Mar 13

Re: Using MESH to map a drive?

Linux or windows ? Each has things that will cause problems with this. 1. Permissions might be stripped off in transit. 2. The flaky connection of the nodes
Feb 19

Re: Using MESH to map a drive?

maybe a little bit more. We might could have a MySQL database located on the drive map.... how now?
Feb 18

Re: Using MESH to map a drive?

Thanks guys, I'm not clear enough. I'm not talking about either of those. Here's what I'm saying... You know how you have a "C" drive? or some external USB
Feb 18

Re: Using MESH to map a drive?

I do not understand what you are trying to do either. I have used it to send pictures during a Bike Rally. One link was 10 miles and the other 5 miles. I have
Kipton Moravec
Feb 18

Re: Using MESH to map a drive?

in what regards are you trying to do this, I have done it just to move files around but, its SLOW and sometimes creates issues. Erick
Feb 18

Using MESH to map a drive?

Hey everyone, Who has developed an application that uses the MESH conduit as the source of data? Has this been done by connecting a computer to a drive mapping
Feb 17

Training Net to Test New Digital Messaging Software Using Android Op

The Dallas NBEMS Learning Net (DNLN) will be operating from the Richardson EOC on Wednesday, Feb18 at 7:30pm. The net will be using FlDigi software suite to
Douglas Kilgore
Feb 17

No December Digital Tuesday meeting

I just got back from 11 days in Germany, and the PARK Christmas party is Monday (6:00 p.m. Furr's on Central in Plano, anyone can attend. Members paid for next
Dec 14, 2014

Re: How to flash HSMM on Router running OpenWrt with no GUI

... Hank, Did you check for a web interface on port 80 (the normal HTTP port) after you connected your PC to one of the '54G's LAN ports? Also, in the
Rusty Haddock
Nov 25, 2014

How to flash HSMM on Router running OpenWrt with no GUI

Hi, I have given up trying to figure this out and now asking for assistance. I successfully flashed a WRT54G V3 with OpenWrt. Since this was done a last year,
Nov 24, 2014
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