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From the ARRL E-letter of April

Broadband-Hamnet Issues New Release of Firmware for Linksys and Ubiquiti Broadband-Hamnet (BBHN) has released version 3.1.0 firmware for the Linksys WRT54G and
Apr 15

TAPR Digital Forum at Dayton Hamvention, Friday, 5/15 9:15 - 11: 15

http://www.tapr.org/dayton.html 2015 TAPR Hamvention Digital Forum Friday, May 15, 20159:15 AM to 11:15 AM  Forum Room #1  Moderator: Scotty Cowling, WA2DFI
Mark Thompson
Apr 12

Re: Help with next step

I'm not good in these bands, but it seems to me there is no use in power dividing the signal, especially in the same direction. When using the internal
Apr 3

Re: Help with next step

Not sure if this forum allows attachments, but attached are my notes on using a LinkSys outdoors. Mark K5LXP Albuquerque, NM From:DAWG-HSMM@yahoogroups.com
Mark Brueggemann
Apr 3
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Re: Help with next step

You need two you cannot feed them both into the same antenna....thats a ticket to letting the magic smoke out. Erick Sent from the aquarium ... You need two
Apr 2

Re: Help with next step

Hi Bill, Something like this? 2.4GHz 20dBi Yagi 802.11b/g WiFi Antenna RP-SMA WLAN
Apr 2

Re: Help with next step

I have successfully used some 2.4ghz yagis from eBay. They were cheap in every sense of the word but they worked. I seriously doubt their gain claims but they
Bill Hagebusch
Apr 1

Help with next step

Hey everyone, I've got my Router working, but just on the routers built in antennas. So basically I've not been able to do a darn thing with it :( Can someone
Apr 1

Fw: [DAWG-HSMM] Help with Virtual Tunnel

To Austin BBHN folks...If sending configure and tested hardware to Weatherford is needed, my wife will be going there on Sunday... 73 Dallas, KD4HNX Whatever
Dallas KD4HNX
Mar 25

Help with Virtual Tunnel

DAWG A group of us in Parker County would like to set up a virtual tunnel to move llHDE video from three critical intersections in the center of the county to
Mar 25

Re: Moving Forward

More news is coming shortly!!! --
Rusty Haddock
Mar 18

Moving Forward

See the news at Broadband-Hamnet http://hsmm-mesh.org http://hsmm-mesh.org Broadband-Hamnet http://hsmm-mesh.org Broadband-Hamnet - Amateur Radio Mesh
Mar 18

Participate in Sat. Mar. 28 Field Trip to Dallas Makerspace

A field trip of interest to ham operators in the North Texas area has been planned to visit the Dallas Makerspace on Saturday morning, Mar. 28. You may have
Douglas Kilgore
Mar 13

Re: Using MESH to map a drive?

Linux or windows ? Each has things that will cause problems with this. 1. Permissions might be stripped off in transit. 2. The flaky connection of the nodes
Feb 19

Re: Using MESH to map a drive?

maybe a little bit more. We might could have a MySQL database located on the drive map.... how now?
Feb 18
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