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Yad Vashem request for survivor photos

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  • tony hausner
    Here is a request that was posted on the lviv facebook page. see contact info below for more information. The following information is distributed at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2012

      Here is a request that was posted on the lviv facebook page.   see contact info below for more information. 

      The following information is distributed at the request of the Yad Vashem:

      Yad Vashem would like to receive local and family photographs from around the world spanning from 1950 to 2012, the survivors together with his or their families. The photographs will be used to Yad Vashem for research, education and commemoration in Israel and abroad.
      We wish to photograph or black color - white, scan quality 300dpi A5 size. Please send the photo along with full details about the survivor / The (name and surname in the Holocaust and after the Roman letters, place of birth, Holocaust stations, place of residence after the Holocaust, and the place and date the taping).

      The photograph should be sent to collect@...
      Telephone inquiries
      1800-257-777, 972-2-6443888 +


      We would happy to receive photos of Jewish survivors, on whom you can provide information. Family photos from the time of the war would be great, we collect photos from the early 20's to the late 40's. And in addition we are collecting photos that show the Jewish survivors and the next generation - with children and as many family members as well - grandchildren and so on. as many as possible.


      When you are scanning photos - the photo department only accepts 300DPI quality, and our email capacity is up to 4MB per email so you might have to divide them. if you have a large quantity of materials you can scan them on a CD and send it to us.  There are other ways to send large files, such as transferbigfiles.com


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