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  • tony hausner
    Group Email Addresses Post message: CzortkowResearchGroup@yahoogroups.com Subscribe: CzortkowResearchGroup-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Unsubscribe:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2009

      Group Email Addresses

      Post message:CzortkowResearchGroup@yahoogroups.com
      List owner:CzortkowResearchGroup-owner@yahoogroups.com

      web site:


      So far 8 of us have joined this newly formed yahoo research group.

      I have blind copied those of you who have indicated an interest in our
      group, which some of have not joined the yahoo group yet

      As previously indicated, we are part of gesher galicia and the suchostaw
      regional research group.  If you do not belong to these other groups, I
      encourage you to do so.  please contact me if you want more info on that.

      To send a message to the group, see above email address which is the address that I used to
      send this.  so you can just hit reply if you want to respond to the entire
      group. If you want to respond to just me or the specific sender, them make
      sure you just send a message to that addressee.  Just to emphasize, if you
      hit reply, it goes to the entire group.

      this message will be distributed to all who have become members.

      the web site for the research group is also above.

      there you can see who are the other members, and any files, previous
      messages, photos, etc that are stored there.  any member can post items to
      the web site.  however,  before doing so, it might be good to have a
      discussion, because another option is to either place the materials on the
      web site  or create a private web site for items that we do not
      want to share publicly, such as family trees.

      you may need to register with yahoo to access the site.

      I am looking for someone to serve as backup moderator when I am on travel.  there should be very little work in this and a very easy task. 

      only members of the group can send messages, read messages, or access the
      yahoo site and mark feldschuh and I control who belongs to the group and
      moderate the messages.  I do not expect that we will do much in the way of
      moderating, only if a message does not seem appropriate for this group, such
      as political messages.  if you have questions as to whether or not a message
      is appropriate, please contact mark or myself directly.  the main purpose is
      to discuss Czortkow and nearby towns, or other items of interest involving
      general jewish genealogy, jewish history or the holocaust.  Items dealing
      with internet searches or web site practices, etc will also be relevant as
      they may provide tools useful to our work.  please let mark and I know if
      there are other topics

      any problems with the site, see


      if you have any questions or comments that you want to share via phone, my
      numbers are below. I would like to suggest that all of you consider
      downloading the skype.com program.  you can talk to other skype users free
      and non-users are like 2cents per minute.  it is a free program and very
      easy to use. all you need is a microphone.  you can use a webcam if you have
      that as well.  that way we can talk more easily with each other and also
      have conference calls.

      for those not members of the yahoo group, you can subscribe by sending blank
      email to

      I will keep all of you informed of key information whether or not you are
      part of the yahoo group

      I would like a volunteer to create an excel file of our members.

      please let all of us know of any thoughts on any subject relevant to our



      Hausner: Skala, Chortkiv, Borschov, Mielnitsa, Kalush,
      Galicia; Austria, Moravia
      Heiman, Wechsler, Zimmerman: Galicia, Romania
      Bloch, Eckstein: Czech

      Galicia, Romania
      Bloch, Eckstein: Czech


      Tony Hausner
      Silver Spring, MD
      home: 301-587-6943
      cell: 301-641-0497
      on facebook and twitter
      blog: http://tonyhausnerhealthreform.blogspot.com/
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