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Re: [Czechlist] Cz vs Eng

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  • Miroslav Herold
    ************************************************************** Ing.Miroslav HEROLD, CSc. tlumoèník/pøekladatel/poradenství/volný novináø tel.: xx420 2
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2002
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      Ing.Miroslav HEROLD, CSc.

      tlumočník/překladatel/poradenství/volný novinář
      tel.: xx420 2 5155 4950
      mobil: 0606 865870
      >The Czechs are at it too, with 'morska stika' which is related to a pike
      >way I'm related to a tree-shrew and 'aljasska treska' which bears as much
      >relationship to a cod as it does to a bicycle. The former, which to judge
      >from a 'Latin' name I once found on a packet of it, should be 'whiting', is
      >a catfood species that should never be frozen unless pre-cooked, while the
      >other seems to be an ooze-grubbing pollution and shit concentration unit
      >that slimes its way round the benthic zones in shoals large enough to suit
      >the factory vessels that fish for it. Believe me, the fish in our shops are
      >not caught to suit the customer in any way at all; they are caught to suit
      >the banks that put up the cash for the incredibly expensive ships and
      >equipment needed to fish the final oceanic zones that remain after the
      >devastation of all normal stocks over the past three decades. So if you
      >tuna (and don't care about dolphins) check out its relationship to mercury
      >(the metal) before you eat too much of it. Give all fish fingers and
      >to your worst enemies unless the contents clearly give the 'Latin' binomial
      >of something recognisable from the North Sea; and for the love of Whatever,
      >stay away from the 'Alaskan cod' or I'll buy a scanner and put its picture
      >up for you.
      Ahoj Tony,
      jak jsem pochopil z predchoziho, nabidka Frionoru ci jinych rybaren asi neni
      Co bys tedy doporucil k snedku bez nebezpeci otravy organizmu tezkymi
      kovy/ropnymi derivaty atd???

      >Anyone like to tell me a usable and credible Czech for my favourite
      >and eating sea fish, the (European) bass Dicentrarchus labrax?
      mohu potvrdit Martinuv nalez (okoun morsky) relativne velmi spolehlivym
      pramenem Lingea Lexicon 2002 velky, uvadi vcentne latinskeho nazvu.
      dalsi preklad "okoun ricni" je doprovazen upresnujicim (Perca fluviatilis)

      It used to
      >run up as far as Slovakia before the punchdrunk commie scumbag cut it off
      >from the ocean with his useless dam.
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