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Re: [Czechlist] TERMS: Movie legalese

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  • Martin Janda
    Jamie, thanks a lot, you were a real help! As to the photoplay, they used it as a short name for the first movie made based on the book, so I suspected that
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 4, 2002
      Jamie, thanks a lot, you were a real help! As to the photoplay, they used it as a short name for the first movie made based on the book, so I suspected that had to be a synonym. Concerning fotoroman: I got 100+ hits on Google, so it´s at least used if not formally recognized.

      As to theatrical distributor, I think I´ll go for "filmovy distributor".

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      >I am facing a tricky movies copyright contract. Would you help?

      I'll try, but you'll have to put them into Czech.

      >Know all men by these presents: That... Potvrzujeme tímto, Ze ???
      >(context: a general preamble cliche, something like Whereas. Strange, I
      >have never seen this before, but there was a plenty of Google hits.)

      This is on my dad's will and on his trust documents. The expression must go
      back centuries. Your "potvrzujeme" clause is probably okay, but the original
      expression indicates that the document is meant to confirm the contents of
      the contract to the whole public.

      >positive print pozitivni kopie ???

      I think so. In other words, not a photographic negative.

      >photonovel : fotoroman ???
      >(A book of photos from the film with dialogues in balloons, something like
      >a comics but not hand-drawn)

      If "fotoroman" is acceptable Czech, then that's what it would be. The term
      "novel" has come to be used more and more in a comic book context. For
      example, there are more expensive Batman and Superman comics with a higher
      quality of artwork, and they are intended for adults. These are called
      "graphic novels", so I think "fotoroman" would probably work.

      >theatrical distributor distributor (filmu)???
      >What I found in Google is a distributor having experience with story´s
      >threatre presentation - but if you check several lists of TDs, they are
      >mostly large movie distributing companies

      Be careful, because there is more than one type of film distributor nowadays.
      The theatrical distributor would supply the film to the kino. This may or
      may not be the same company that provides it to the video store.

      >Publisher ' s Release Souhlas nakladatele?
      >(A list of previous publications of the book)

      "Release" is tricky. If it means publication of a book, then it would mean
      something like "vydani". However, "release" can also mean permission to do
      or use something. For example, when a photographer takes pictures of models
      or individuals in public for use in an advertisement or magazine, those he
      needs those people to sign a "release form" giving him legal permission to
      use their image in print. Before I would leave chaperone by myself a "vylet"
      for my high school kids in Marianske Lazne, someone would write up a document
      stating that I was not legally responsible for any injuries, deaths or
      pregnancies that occurred during the trip. That is also a type of release,
      because it releases me from legal liability. I can't tell from what you gave
      here whether "release" means "souhlas" or "vydani".

      >Photoplay - film
      >(just a fancy word for the a movie, correct or wrong?)

      Absolutely not. I would need more context, but I'm almost 100% certain this
      does not mean "film". "Photoplay" was the name of a movie fan magazine about
      half a century ago, but that doesn't exist anymore. It could mean screenplay
      ... Wait a minute! Webster's New World College Dictionary contradicts me,
      saying that "photoplay" is an "early name for film". That's news to me! I
      can't imagine it would still be used today, but there it is. It must be used
      now for something slightly different from "film", maybe something like a
      screenplay? Check for nuance.


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