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  • Melvyn Clarke
    Hi all, One of the useful services that a list like this can provide is that of informing members of internet resources - in our case, anything to do with
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 1999
      Hi all,

      One of the useful services that a list like this can provide is that of
      informing members of
      internet resources - in our case, anything to do with Czech<>English
      translation, but I would
      not hesitate to add any quality English-language material on Czech affairs,
      resources on
      translation practice in general, and also, perhaps, translators� research
      resources in
      general. I know the latter is also covered by LANTRA-L but at least here
      you don't have to
      wade through megabytes to find the useful stuff. Please don�t feel
      restricted by my
      suggestions. If you think C<>E translators might be interested in any
      resource, do send it in.

      Let me mention a few of my current personal favourites:

      For Czech-language resources, in addition to my own humble efforts on


      there are some useful things at


      put together by the Slavic Dept of the University of Hokkaido of all places.
      These people are
      jolly systematic.

      CzechInvest is a government agency to promote foreign investment in the
      Czech Republic,
      set up by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. They have some interestingly
      translated case
      studies, sector studies and fact sheets that are worth a look.


      The Central Europe Review has some useful analyses of Czech affairs:


      An entertaining online translators' journal can be found at


      I especially recommend their articles on translators' marketing and business
      issues by "Fire
      Ant" and "Worker Bee". Inspirational stuff for us all.

      For some excellent tips on internet research resources for "information
      workers" (that�s us, I
      think), I'd recommend


      Freepint is a fortnightly newsletter with some well-written articles on
      search techniques,
      search engines and resources for all kinds of specialist areas. Their site
      has a wealth of
      material in its archives plus a useful readers' discussion list. There is
      something rather jolly
      and British about this site which the name conveys very well.

      For today's English-language newspaper articles on the Czech Republic go to


      I find that by entering "Czech Republic" into the search field, I regularly
      get over 200 articles
      per day from newspapers all over the world. They also have a handy free
      "news ticker"
      service, whereby you cut and paste their code onto your page together with
      your inserted key
      words in order to provide your readers with an instant news service on your
      chosen topic.

      When time permits, I hope to write a couple of reviews of two books I have
      been reading
      which are of interest to C<>E translators, namely "The Noun in Translation -
      a Czech-English
      Contrastive Study" by Ales Klegr and the two-volume "Studies in the English
      Language" by
      Libuse Duskova again with some very useful contrastive work. Any other ideas
      publications to be reviewed would be welcome.

      Well, I am disappearing into darkest Manchester for a week or so now but
      hope to chat with
      some of you later.

      Take care.

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