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Re: [Czechlist] Cizinecky zakon

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  • Rachel
    ... Hi Jirko, Interesting point, and you re absolutely right. What you didn t say (though maybe you implied it) is that EFL can also be taught in countries
    Message 1 of 3 , May 3, 2000
      > Just a remark: some people distinguish between ESL (English as a second
      > language) and EFL (English as a foreign language), the former being taught
      > in a country where English is generally used as a first language while the
      > latter in a country where it isn't.
      > Jirka Bolech

      Hi Jirko,
      Interesting point, and you're absolutely right. What you didn't say (though
      maybe you implied it) is that EFL can also be taught in countries where
      English is a first language, but generally to people who come to that
      country specifically to learn English, and then go away again. ESL, on the
      other hand, is designed for immigrants arriving in an English-speaking
      country and making their home there. For that reason it is often much more
      practical -- I've heard it said that it's more like social work than
      language teaching, dealing with the specific problems that immigrants face,
      and trying to teach them the essential things they need simply to survive in
      a foreign country.

      Rachel (who took a TESOL course [Teaching English to Speakers of Other
      Languages -- which encompasses both TEFL and TESL] but never used it
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