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Re: Cesko WAS:TERM: Pacific Rim

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  • padamek@mbox.dkm.cz
    ... ze ... not
    Message 1 of 31 , Nov 1, 2001
      --- In Czechlist@y..., jrozek@a... wrote:
      > Myslel jsem, ze jednoslovne nemecke pojmenovani je "Tschechien" a
      > "Tschechei" ma jakesi negativni konotace ve spojeni s Hitlerem.
      > Opravdu se v nemeckem tisku pise "Tschechei" ?
      > Sorry, if it's off-topic (I know it is), but where else to ask if
      > on a translators list ?
      > Thanks,
      > Jan Rozek
    • Miroslav Herold
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      Message 31 of 31 , Nov 2, 2001
        Ing.Miroslav HEROLD, CSc.

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        >If people tell you your product sucks, that is certainly useful to know.
        >But if they tell you your product sucks _because_... (it's too
        >expensive, it keeps breaking down, it looks ugly...) that is
        >_infinitely_ more helpful because not only do you know that they don't
        >like your product, you also know how to alter your product so they _do_
        >like it. In the same way, of course it's useful to know that most
        >Czechs think Potichomori sucks. But without an explanation as to _why_
        >it sucks, Simon can't hope to reach a greater understanding of the
        >exceptions and exceptions to exceptions that Matej spoke of.

        The problem is that in this particular instance, there is no linguistic
        Take the following examples:
        Poruri (Ruhr) exists = there is Czech translation of foreign river, it is
        single word noun, short noun
        Povisli (Visla = Vistula) = meeting the above mentioned criteria, it exists
        on the other hand
        Ponisi (Nisa = Neisse) = despite meeting above mentioned criteria, it does
        not exist
        what's more, even for Czech rivers, there are no established PO componds,
        e.g. Poberounci, Pomoravi
        BOTTOMLINE some PO compounds exist, some do not. The existence is beyond
        linguistic explanation. It is simply a question of a dictionary, in this
        case thick CSAV SSJC or something newer.
        As far as Potichomori is concerned, it IS AN UNNECESSARY neologism, since
        SSJC (volume VI, page 151) quotes Tichomori = oblast kolem Ticheho oceanu,
        which is exactly what Pacific Rim means.
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