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Re: [Czechlist] COMP: Google image search

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  • Rachel Thompson
    ... the name ... (which ... word ... get it - ... funny ... don t ... Hi Matej, Don t think you re quite right, or at least that s not what Google says:
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 3, 2001
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      > but when I tried it, it searches the NAMES of jpeg files, so unless
      the name
      > is exactly what the thing is called - with no abbreviation or typo
      > does not happen very often with webdesigners, especially for multiple
      > names, which won't work as filenames on certain servers), you don't
      get it -
      > but a lot of other things, like people whose names are your word, or
      > things you didn't even know existed, so wouldn't trust it for words I
      > know......

      Hi Matej,

      Don't think you're quite right, or at least that's not what Google says:
      apparently it's much more sophisticated than that. Here's part of their

      "Google analyzes the text on the page adjacent to the image, the image
      caption and dozens of other factors to determine the image content.
      Google also uses sophisticated algorithms to remove duplicates and
      ensure that the highest quality images are presented first in your

      You can use all operators for image search that you would use in a
      Google text search. For example, you can use "site:" with image search
      to restrict your search to images on a particular website. So, to find
      all the pictures of lemurs at the Duke Primate Center, the query would
      be " site:duke.edu lemurs"."

      I must say that when I used it to find a picture of a particular type of
      conveyor belt, it seemed to work exactly as it said (the picture I found
      was called something like 3095472.gif, so it definitely searches more
      than the name), and the results load very quickly too.

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