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Re: [Czechlist] inquiry: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

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  • JPKIRCHNER@aol.com
    ... How about y all , or all y all ? Youse sounds a bit too New York for my taste. Jamie
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 1, 2001
      In a message dated 10/1/01 6:50:12 PM, coilin.oconnor@... writes:

      >(not to mention the more modern south-of-Ireland
      >Hiberno-English "youse", although y´all might have something to say about
      >that in America...).

      How about "y'all", or "all y'all"? "Youse" sounds a bit too New York for my

    • zehrovak@dr.com
      ... Hi Hana, A belated welcome to the list and many thanks for your contributions. ... It s starting earlier every year :( ... cards, if the Czech version is
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 2, 2001
        > Hi, everybody.

        Hi Hana,

        A belated welcome to the list and many thanks for your contributions.

        > Xmas is just around a corner

        It's starting earlier every year :(

        >I am just wondering what would be the best English text on greeting
        cards, if the Czech version is "Dovolujeme si poprat Vam prijemne
        proziti vanocnich svatku a do
        > nadchazejícího roku predevsim pevne zdravi, stesti a uspechy v
        pracovnim i osobnim zivote."

        Coilin wrote:
        > "I hope ye all have a lovely Christmas, and I wish ye health,
        wealth, and
        > every happiness in the coming year"

        I think that anything much more detailed than this would be rather
        out of character for English-language seasonal greetings cards. As
        you say, too many words. IMHO anything like a literal translation
        would sound too fussy for the 'genre' (we don't want it to sound like
        a condolence card now, do we?) though you might begin with something
        like "Wishing you a very merry/happy/pleasant(?)/ Christmas".

        Jamie wrote:
        P.S. Is anyone game for a bad translation contest?


        > Not a contest for the
        worst translation you've found, but the worst job we ourselves can do
        making a truly artfully rotten translation of a short text,

        Byl pozdni vecer prvni maj,
        Vecerni maj byl lasky cas,
        Hrdlicin zval ku lasce hlas,
        Kde borovy zavanel haj.

        OK you asked for it. I penned the following on the bus into Prague
        this afternoon:

        Bill posed

        Bill posed. Never chair perve animae!
        Vetch animae, Bill, ask kitsch ass!
        Heard lichens, Val? Cool lasts, eh lass?
        G'day, borer visa van, yell high!

        What do I win?

        > In the English-speaking world, bad writing contests enjoy some
        popularity (I, for example, won a prize once for devising the worst
        paragraph to a nonexistent romance novel.),

        How did it go?? What did you win???

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