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Re: Yipiyuk

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  • jpelkacz@yahoo.com
    ... apart from ... Czech. You ... perfectly fine ... it. ... of ... it (in ... preserve all ... in the ... As Nathan pointed at absurd and native flavor (I
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 30, 2001
      > > "chechota" for Yipiyuk? Does Yipiyuk actually mean something
      apart from
      > > "one that goes 'yippee' all the time"?
      > First of all, I have no idea whether it's been translated into
      Czech. You
      > might try doing a "Google" search on the words Czech/cesky and
      > Silverstein, though.
      > I don't know the poem at all, but "chechota" sounds like a
      perfectly fine
      > translation of the word "Yipiyuk". Kudos to you for coming up with
      > "Yippee" means an spontaneous cry of joy, while "yuk" means a kind
      > laughter. The whole thing together has a Native American ring to
      it (in
      > addition to being absurd). To my brain, "Chechota" seems to
      preserve all
      > (or most) of this, except that the yippee part is not as prominent
      in the
      > Czech "chechota".

      As Nathan pointed at absurd and native flavor (I feel it is
      almost "Jara da Cimrman"-like lovely dadaist nonsense), and
      as "Yipiyuk" is a hybrid, have you considered creating a nonsensical
      Czech hybrid, too?

      E.g. - well, I have no "basnicke strevo" this morning (no poetical
      inspiration due to early job tension..., perhaps late evening).

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