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  • Tony Long
    ... over ... the ... area ... pick ... soap ... scum . It s all a bit like ... Off to bash the brood out of the dimpsy rise before the air turns
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2001

      >Melvyn wrote:
      >'Weell, strictly speaking, a Cockney is a person born within hearing
      >distance of the bells of St Mary-le-Bow in East London,'
      >Tooosh, as they say round here, in fact, that's 'loosely speaking'. All
      >the working south-east of England (yes, someone's got to shovel the shit,
      >despite what the northerners whinge on about) a cockney, as discussed on
      >list a couple of months back, is a wise-arse from the city who thinks that
      >farmers and fishermen are a bunch of bumpkins because we talk funny. And
      >yes, a lot of them used to come from East London - a traditionally poor
      >before Attila the Hen did it more damage than Goering - together with the
      >gypsies (not many Roma), diddikyes, pikies and other migrant workers to
      >the cherries, plums, apples, pears and hops we had before the EU decided
      >they were all the wrong size, or colour, or summat. The SOED mentions 'a
      >townsman', 'one born in the city of London' and adds '(Always contemptuous
      >or bantering)'. Unfortunately, the references are very old. Old-time music
      >hall, positive stereotyping in the media to encourage people to get killed
      >for King and Country, the cretinous adulation doled out to East End
      >gangsters, gross overvaluing of criminal slang plus a highly successful
      >have all combined to bring 'cockney' proudly into the East End.
      >The 'sound of the Bow Bells' seems to arise out of 'Bow cockney', which was
      >once an extreme pejorative synonymous with 'thieving, ignorant London
      scum'. It's all a bit like
      >('Saint') Joan of Arc and Scottish tartans - artificial history drummed up
      >for short-term needs that tickles the linguistic and popular historical
      >fancy, then sticks.
      >Believe me, there are an awful lot of 'true cockneys' left - the current UK
      >prime minister being a classic example. Shame that fashion's removed a
      >useful word - and concept - from mainstream language.
      >Tony the Yokel
      Off to bash the brood out of the dimpsy rise before the air turns
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