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Re: You are often so much on the go...

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  • Melvyn Clarke
    In an off-list communication "Rick Bendl" <bendl@bmts.com> wrote:> HI Melvyn, > > what is "> By eck" ? (heck ?).
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2001
      In an off-list communication "Rick Bendl" <bendl@...> wrote:

      > HI Melvyn,
      > what is "> By 'eck" ? (heck ?).

      Yes, 'heck', but no self-respecting northerner would ever pronounce the 'h'. Just as the French say 'sacre bleu' as a kind of euphemism for 'sacre dieu' and the Czechs substitute 'prkinko' for other words beginning with pr..., I believe 'heck' is originally a euphemistic substitute for 'hell'.
      > Also, East London = Cockney ?

      Weell, strictly speaking, a Cockney is a person born within hearing distance of the bells of St Mary-le-Bow in East London, but if I am not mistaken, Hermann Goering's demolition company silenced these bells some time ago so there aren't too many true Cockneys left. However, 'Cockney' is still used loosely by ignorant sods like me for East Londoners or even Londoners in general.


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