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Re: [Czechlist] Re: TERM: Lidova skola umeni/Community School

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  • PSS Praha - Coilin O' Connor
    FWIW, in Ireland, apart from the fee-paying, rugby playing Christian Brothers´ schools, we have Vocational secondary schools and Community secondary
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25 12:57 PM
      FWIW, in Ireland, apart from the fee-paying, rugby playing Christian
      Brothers´ schools, we have "Vocational" secondary schools and "Community"
      secondary schools´, the latter being the title given to most state-funded
      secondary schools, which are managed by the local authority.

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      > > I quite like Simon's idea of using the term "community" - how about
      > > "Community School of Arts" then?
      > >
      > If you must restyle it then I'd say this is not a bad idea at all.
      > There are loads of examples on the net of 'Community School of
      > Arts', 'Community School of Music and Arts', 'Community Arts School'
      > and variations on this theme in Britain and America and 'Community
      > Arts' is a term that is frequently met with in Britain. I daresay
      > that many of these schools in the English-speaking world are for
      > adults as well as for children but you can't have everything, can
      > you? I wouldn't worry about possible confusion with 'obecni skola'
      > either.
      > For a moment, I thought of 'public', which is sometimes used to
      > translate 'lidova' in 'lidova knihovna' (despite Poldauf) but of
      > course 'public school' already has a well-established semantic niche.
      > I'm sure we all agree with Nathan that this Central European
      > institution simply does not have an exact equivalent in Anglophonia.
      > I'd say the functions of these schools are covered in Britain either
      > by special private schools (e.g. ballet), private tuition (a grand
      > old tradition, as Nathan points out. Hands up those whose fathers
      > spent many happy hours at the bookies [= bookmakers = "betting
      > office"] while your tutor tore her hair out at your piano-playing) or
      > by the state school curriculum and extracurricular activities (school
      > dramas, school orchestras etc).
      > Regards,
      > Melvyn
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