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Re: [Czechlist] Czech MSDS's

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  • Kostas Zgafas
    ... in ... obtain ... to ... Japanese/US ... Matej, this is a good question you are asking. When I translate MSDS, I basically just translate them, using the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 3 2:26 PM
      > Do I:
      > a) Translate everyhting what's on them in that order, maybe correcting the
      > obvious mis-translations like environmental fate? - and inevitably come up
      > with four documents that are very different - different chapter names,
      > definitions, layout, value names...
      > or b) Do a compromise between the prescribed Czech format (half of the
      > chapters and subchapters in the Czech vyhlaska do not even appear on the
      > foreign documents) - Use what's there in a layout, format and terminology
      > found in the vyhlaska?
      > It was a more or less rhetorical question, I did b) , but was interested
      > other people experience. Obviously when my client's company wants to
      > the formal Czech Bezpecnostni list for Import of the stuff, they'll have
      > have it according to Vyhlaska, this was just a translation of a
      > equivalent. Should I try to make it look like the Czech Bezpecnostni list,
      > or should I just translate it and leave as is?

      Matej, this is a good question you are asking. When I translate MSDS, I
      basically "just" translate them, using the Czech law as the resource of
      Czech terms to be used for this purpose. I myself do not know whether the
      Czech law requies to adhere ONLY to certain terminology, ONLY to certain
      layout and/or ONLY to certain format. However, this is very justified
      concern. As Otto points out, to comply with certain terminology, layout and
      format goes beyond the translation task. There are several Czech consulting
      firms you may find on Google that prepare MSDS, and they might give you a
      general advice how to proceed with MSDS originated in different languages.

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