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Re: [Czechlist] Unemployment claims

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  • Jaroslav Hejzlar
    Oh, yes. That is what I have written in my reaction to Melvyn s reply. Thank you, too. Jarda ... From: livingston@seznam.cz To: Czechlist@yahoogroups.com Sent:
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      Oh, yes. That is what I have written in my reaction to Melvyn's reply.
      Thank you, too.
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      Subject: [Czechlist] Unemployment claims

      This is all fine and good, but it might be worth noting that a direct
      translation of the original could be irrelevant or, worse, misleading in
      the Czech Republic, where AFAIK employers pay a "contribution to the
      State's employment policy" (not an unemployment tax) and the amount of that
      contribution does not depend on the number of that company's former
      employees that file unemployment claims.

      Muze to nekdo potvrdit, resp. vyvratit?

      Nathan Cutler

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      > "Challenge all unemployment claims.

      Probably need a bit more context but I would hazard a guess:

      Question all claims for unemployment benefit, i.e. do not
      automatically accept applications involving such benefits.

      > Your unemployment tax rate is
      based on the amount you have paid for claims."

      The more you pay for such claims the higher your unemployment tax rate
      will be.

      Hope this helps.

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