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TERM: Obvodovy plast

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  • zehrovak@dr.com
    ... I have come across cladding , siding , envelope , external skin and enclosing/building shell as translations of obvodovy plast . Here are some
    Message 1 of 11 , May 29, 2001
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      > --- In Czechlist@y..., "Matej Klimes" <mklimes@m...> wrote:
      > > ... but what are the
      > natives'
      > > thoughts on various ways to say "obvodovy plast"?....
      > >... 1) a (lightweight) panel or other structure suspended, anchored
      > to,
      > or
      > > otherwise held in place by the load bearingstructure (reinforced
      > concrete
      > > frame, brick wall, etc.) which serves only as heat insulation,
      > architectural
      > > element, etc.
      > > This is the more correct (Czech) usage
      > > 2) Anything between the interior of the house and the exterior.
      > Wall, load
      > > bearing wall, or a wall with a casing as described above, etc.
      > >... Has anyone found a more general term that would describe both?

      I have come across 'cladding', 'siding', 'envelope', 'external skin'
      and 'enclosing/building shell' as translations of 'obvodovy plast'.
      Here are some definitions gleaned from various online construction

      Cladding - A material used as the exterior wall enclosure of a


      Siding - The exterior awl finish material applied to a light frame
      wood structure.


      'External skin' seems to be used occasionally as a general descriptive
      term e.g.

      Brick veneer construction (Brick veneer) - A method of construction
      for external walls,
      consisting of a single, non-loadbearing external skin of brickwork ,
      tied to a loadbearing
      timber or metal framed structure. This is the most widely used
      construction method for
      domestic housing.


      Building Envelope (Sometimes referred to as Building Shell) (1) The
      waterproof elements of
      a building which enclose conditioned spaces through which thermal
      energy may be
      transferred to or from the exterior. (2) The outer structure of the

      This seems to come closest to covering both meanings that you give for
      obvodovy plast.

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