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Re: [Czechlist] Question

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  • Rachel Thompson
    ... Can ... I m no expert, so you don t have to take my word for it, but is there not such a thing as a hammer drill ? I don t just mean those enormous
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2000
      > > I cannot find the term of "priklepove vrtani" for the world anywhere.
      > > anyone help?
      > Cesko-anglicky technicky slovnik does not say it, but it has: "vibracni" -
      > vibrating drilling.
      > Is not "priklepove" the same as "vibracni"? I don´t know, it´s just my
      > suggestion. If it can be substituted, I would also suggest to replace
      > "vibrating drilling" by "vibration drilling".

      I'm no expert, so you don't have to take my word for it, but is there not
      such a thing as a "hammer drill"? I don't just mean those enormous
      pneumatic drills for digging holes in the road, but smaller ones (although
      pretty sturdy big things as hand-held drills go) for making big holes in
      interior walls etc. They have a special hammer drill bit, and have a
      hammering action like the pneumatic drill. So if you can have a hammer
      drill, surely you can have "hammer drilling" (?) I've used the term before,
      but I wasn't entirely sure I was right then...
      (Oh, and if you're going with vibration not hammer, I'd say it should be
      vibration not vibrating drilling, as Kostas says.)
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