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Re: [Czechlist] British vs American English

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  • Melvyn Clarke
    ... I d second that - anyway, isn t there something in the list description about diskuse o ceskych a anglofonnich realiich ? (I should know, I wrote it) So I
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2000
      > > PPS
      > > How do the others on this list feel about this discussion? I'm
      > > that it might be felt that Czechlist is the place for Cz <> En
      > > problems, not En<>En ones! If that's what you think, please say so!
      >I see En-En problems as very interesting and very relevant.

      I'd second that - anyway, isn't there something in the list description
      about "diskuse o ceskych a anglofonnich realiich"? (I should know, I wrote
      it) So I reckon that covers that ;).

      I very much appreciate the fact that you have brought up these matters,
      Todd, and spoken so openly about your feelings on them. As a born and bred
      Mancunian (=person from Manchester) who has never mumbled in his life :) I
      am sure I will have something to say on the matter presently <just kidding
      around, no offence taken> once I have dragged myself away from a nasty job I
      am working on.

      Tara chuck,


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