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Odpověď: [Czechlist] autor vs. author

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  • tonylong@iol.cz
    ... Leos Oliva, Brno
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2001
      > Naprosto souhlasim, zcela odpovida realite v CR, vystizeno velmi pekne.
      Leos Oliva, Brno
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      > Datum : 2001/05/03 Thu AM 08:46:41 CEST
      > Komu : Czechlist@yahoogroups.com
      > Předmět : [Czechlist] autor vs. author
      > > This is another problem I came across in my editing work. It seems autor
      > > has a much broader semantic range than author -- it was used all the time
      > > in the Czech version of the magazine, in contexts where it just didn't
      > > seem appropriate in English.
      > Very true, and has anyone considered why that is?
      > The Czech word commonly offered as a translation of "artist" - "umelec" -
      > is actually a quite different term. "art" and "umeni" don't always match
      > either.
      > I think one reason for this is that "umeni" comes from "um" and therefore
      > emphasizes more the "skill, craftsmanship" element of art rather than the
      > creative side. Another reason is that "umelec" sounds too "nobl" in Czech.
      > I don't think a Czech artist would ever call himself an "umelec" or fill in
      > the word "umelec" in an application form under "povolani".
      > It is very interesting to note that Czechs often resort to the German word
      > "kunst" (which they pronounce "kumst") in situations when the English word
      > "art" would be appropriate. For example, they hardly ever say "historik
      > umeni", instead preferring "kunsthistorik". This word "kumst" lacks the
      > stigma associated with "umeni" and its derivatives.
      > One could use the word "umelec" to refer to a great artist, regardless of
      > field. For example, "Maurice Ravel byl velkym umelcem".
      > In short, I can imagine a Czech saying "jsem vytvarnik", "jsem fotograf",
      > "jsem grafik", "jsem sochar", "jsem autor tohoto obrazu" or even "jsem
      > kumstyr", but never, ever "jsem umelec".
      > I would be curious to hear from the native Czechs their thoughts on this
      > subject.
      > Nathan Cutler
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