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Re: [Czechlist] the Augean stables aka a doidy no good lousy Hoiculean task

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  • Simon Vaughan
    Hi Michal, ... It s probably just a typo, but make sure you write Augean not Aegean . The latter means designating, of, or pertaining to the sea between
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 25, 2001
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      Hi Michal,

      > "It was this government who set themselves the task of, as
      > it were, cleaning out the Aegean stables of wild capitalism,

      It's probably just a typo, but make sure you write "Augean" not "Aegean".
      The latter means "designating, of, or pertaining to the sea between Greece
      and Asia Minor".

      > a task that even the Greek hero Heracles found so daunting
      > that he had to summon supernatural powers to run the Alpheus
      > River through the awfully neglected buildings."

      The trouble with your construction is that, strictly, what it says is that
      Heracles cleaned out "the Augean stables of wild capitalism", which he
      didn't: he cleaned out the Augean stables full stop (period). My personal
      feeling is that the second clause shouldn't be necessary in a speech to be
      delivered to an academic audience. This New School for Social Research
      sounds like a graduate institute, and graduates shouldn't need to have
      things spelt out for them: they should be intelligent enough to work them
      out or find them out for themselves.

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