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Re: (narodni) pr'irodni rezervace, pr'irodni pamatka

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  • Rachel Thompson
    ... ústav, ... and ... Point taken. ... reserve, ... Sounds good. ... You ve opened up a real can of worms there = you ve brought to light something
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2000
      Todd wrote:
      > So, I always translate the word "památka" as "monument", when used as
      > part of an official designation (Narodní kulturní pamatka, Pamatkový
      > Městská pamatková reservace), for the sake of standardization of terms,
      > long-established practice at the Pamatkový ústav and their international
      > sponsors.

      Point taken.

      > When it's not a matter of official designation, I feel more free to be
      > descriptive and go for meaning: a national heritage site, a nature
      > a memorial, a historical landmark, etc.

      Sounds good.

      > Does the phrase "can of worms" have meaning in Britain?

      "You've opened up a real can of worms there" = "you've brought to light
      something unpleasant that's going to be really messy to sort out, something
      that we'd rather have kept the lid on," etc., etc. We certainly know it -
      was it American originally? I've no idea of its origin (can somebody
      enlighten me?). It is in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (defined
      more concisely as "a complicated problem"). Why do you ask?
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