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Re: [Czechlist] (narodni) pr'irodni rezervace, pr'irodni pamatka

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  • Michael Grant
    ... I m American, and I m not too crazy about the word monument either, although, like I said originally, we do have officially designated National
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2000
      >Only a little stretching? No matter *how* much I stretch my mind, I can't
      >get it to think of a village green as a monument! To describe
      >ancient/impressive buildings as monuments isn't such a leap, and natural
      >features of a landscape that are in some way "monumental" (e.g. Monument
      >Valley) I can also cope with (just). But a village green? I'd go with
      >Melvyn's "national heritage site" for that one. Perhaps this is partly a
      >cultural difference between Britain and the US: what do you think? (But
      >anyway, is a village green not an exclusively British phenomenon?)

      I'm American, and I'm not too crazy about the word "monument" either,
      although, like I said originally, we do have officially designated
      "National Monuments" over here (most of which, AFAIK, are either
      natural or archeological sites).

      >But I like the rest of Melvyn's suggestions. One more suggestion might be
      >the British "area of outstanding natural beauty" for a larger area - or is
      >that too British?

      Works for me.

      >It's a good alternative for many things I'd describe as monuments (eg
      >Edinburgh has the Scott Monument, which is also a memorial [to Walter
      >Scott], and London has the Albert Memorial, which is also a monument). But
      >surely memorial has to be restricted to man-made structures "in memory" of

      I agree.


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