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RE: [Czechlist] Pouch laminator

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  • Dominik Lukes
    ... I would say pouzdro or pouzdro na osobni doklady . I could also imagine calling it obal or ochranny obal . The whole thing could then be lamina tor
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 29, 2000
      > How to transate "Pouch laminator" into Czech? It is a machine for
      > laminating
      > documents. You put a document between two films (they call them
      > pouch here),
      > and run it through the laminator. It exits sealed (laminated)
      > between these
      > two films.
      > In this meaning, how to say "pouch" in Czech?
      I would say 'pouzdro' or 'pouzdro na osobni doklady'. I could also imagine
      calling it 'obal' or 'ochranny obal'. The whole thing could then be
      'lamina'tor pouzder na doklady' or more simply 'lamina'tor dokladu'. Try
      searching on the web for Czech companies that do that. Try
      http://www.rafo.cz or http://www.copygeneral.cz (at least I hope these are
      the right URLs).

      > And: they distinguish between "carrier pouch" and "carrierless pouch". How
      > to say "carrier" in this meaning? It says: "Insert a pouch and item into a
      > carrier which is provided with each carton of pouches..."
      > Any ideas?

      How about 'Vsun`'te/Vloz`'te pouzdro s dokumentem do obalu prilozeneho ke
      kazdemu baleni.' (That's without having any idea of what the whole thing
      really means).

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