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Re[2]: [Czechlist] Re: pro zmenu gastronomicke vyrazy

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    Ahoj Helgo, Far from an expert (My Czech cuisine is rather rusty, thought I use bits of it as inspiration in other dishes)... BUT AFAIK there s two meanings of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2013
      Ahoj Helgo,

      Far from an expert (My Czech cuisine is rather rusty, thought I use
      bits of it as inspiration in other dishes)... BUT AFAIK there's two
      meanings of 'svickova'

      #1 is 'that classic Czech thing everyone ought to have' (and yes, less
      expensive bits of the poor cow will be used by less-scurpulous
      cooks/establishments)... and in that case the word (svickova) IMHO
      means primarily the infamous sauce, some knedliky (more or less plastic
      depending on ho lucky you get) plus a bit of beef of uncertain
      origin'... still quite enjoyable as long as the sauce is right (ish)
      and ou can cut/chew the meat part at all..

      #2 (and sadly less used) the particular cut of beef... plus you have to
      be an expert to be able to see/pick it from among other bits of cow
      behind the counter ..

      But, on a menu, svickova will almost always mean the complete deal
      (sauce, knedliky, some beef)...

      So, in cocnlcusion, the menus should either own up to the fact that the
      sauce/whole deal is the main thing (and try to gloss-over the meat
      part), or if the cook in question is good enoguh to know his meat, go
      for the decent way of describing what's (supposed to be) there and
      saying it the way it is..

      Either way, the sauce and the knedliky remain (IMHO) the main part of
      the experience/distinction and the meat is just a bonus, if the sauce
      is right and thge meat is tender-enough to cut and chew, you should be
      feeling lucky.... that's all pub-wise, of course, svickova from any
      maminka should be the real thing meat AND sauce/knedliky-wise at any

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      > Even though I can?t offer an ENG translation for Svickova, I would
      >to turn your attention to the fact that only VERY few restaurants
      >actually use a filet or sirloin cut (which would be the proper meat
      >according to the name "Svickova") for this dish.
      >Most of the time I had "a good piece of beef" on my plate, when I
      >ordered this dish, but never a filet or sirloin cut.
      >And when I cook it myself, or when I talk about Svickova with czech
      >friends, NO ONE uses extra expensive meat. The average household uses
      >"just any part of the back".
      >Hope my thoughts are useful...
      >Am 22.01.2013 22:52, schrieb jenuwefa:
      >> No offense, Jamie, but sauerbraten and svickova na smetane, while
      >> similar, are not the same. Different meat, sauerbraten is marinated
      >> vinegar before cooking (hence the "sauer"), and the sauerbraten
      >> isn't whizzed-up veggies and cream....if I saw sauerbraten on a menu
      >> and got svickova na smetane, I'd be a bit confused.
      >> Otherwise I agree with your remarks...
      >> Eva, if you'd like, I'd be happy to proofread your translation when
      >> it's finished.
      >> Regards,
      >> Jennifer
      >> --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com ,
      >> James Kirchner wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Where I live (which is not in Germany), the English term for
      >> svickova na smetane is "sauerbraten". Clients in CZ were always
      >> annoyed and incredulous when I wrote that, but that is what we call
      >> it. And we call klobasa "kielbasa".
      >> >
      >> > Jamie
      >> >
      >> > On Jan 22, 2013, at 4:06 AM, Eva Horejsii wrote:
      >> >
      >> > > Mili kolegove, opet se mi dostal do rukou preklad, tentokrat z
      >> do EN, je to prezentace nejake akce a bohuzel tam jsou vzory
      >> > >
      >> > > Napr svickova na smetane . fillet of beef with cream sauce -
      >> sirloin of beef with... ?
      >> > >
      >> > > Co je vystiznejci? vite prosim nekdo, kde bych na internetu
      >> gastronomicky CS-EN slovnik?
      >> > >
      >> > > Diky moc predem za kazdou radu
      >> > >
      >> > > Zdravi
      >> > >
      >> > > Eva Horejsi
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