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Re: [Czechlist] Web shopping terms

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  • James Kirchner
    Having graduated from art school with a major in painting, I don t even know many of the ordinary names for colors. Taupe and puce are common color names,
    Message 1 of 13 , Jan 22, 2013
      Having graduated from art school with a major in painting, I don't even know many of the ordinary names for colors. "Taupe" and "puce" are common color names, but I don't know what they look like.

      The way my old classmates and I refer to colors is either by the pigments, "phthalocyanine green", "alizarine crimson", "burnt sienna", "raw umber", "cobalt blue", etc., or as some mixture of them. So if you ask me what color something is, I'm liable to say it looks like about 75% titanium white and 25% phthalocyanine green with a slight dab of alizarine crimson added. My X-ray eyes will know that the red added was alizarine crimson and not cadmium red.

      I might refer to a ceramic color as something like "manganese fired in a reduction kiln".

      Needless to say, I'm not very good at picturing the colors of towels.

      One thing I find sad is that Crayola has now switched from labeling their crayon colors with traditional names or pigment names, and now tend more toward food analogies and other names that smack of marketing and sound like the names of candy or shampoo. So by the time I got to art school, I knew most typical color names and many pigment names, but kids growing up now would just know dumb made-up names for the colors.


      On Jan 22, 2013, at 11:58 AM, Pilucha, Jiri wrote:

      > Speaking of impossible color names, I can't resist -one last time- pasting in an excerpt from the author whom I quoted here just recently... because it's so much to the point that was raised here
      > Some may find it funny and entertaining and some may not (special apologies to those who will find it outright stupid)
      > 450 words that you may choose to skip
      > This part is about how women (allegedly) like to buy towels of exotic colors (the point being the colors, not women)
      > When did white and blue and black and red become too little too late for most women?
      > When they got a whiff of Acorn and Heather and Persimmon and Pearl.
      > I don't even know what colors those are supposed to be--I just saw them listed in a bed-and-bath store catalog I stole out of my wife's office.
      > Get a load of these:
      > Moss.
      > Forest.
      > Celery.
      > Guess what color? Green, goddammit. Green. Moss? What the hell. I don't even know a GUY named Moss. Why not go with Mold? Or Yeast? Is yeast green? I dunno. All I know about yeast is that women get infections that are named after it AND I think they might use it to make beer.
      > More catalog colors:
      > Mushroom.
      > Ecru.
      > Taupe.
      > Got a guess? Tan. F**king tan. Which is really light brown but let's not get into that--let's just accept that light brown is tan. Then--years ago--they came up with beige and burnt sienna.
      > I remember because I was a kid and they added beige and burnt sienna to the Crayola crayons box, so let's accept that tan is tan and beige is lighter tan and burnt sienna is probably some kind of tan that the Indians came up with but is that enough to base a towel selection on?
      > I guess the f**k not because now we have four more bullshit choices, which we will now unbullshit our way through:
      > Mushroom. Mushrooms are for cheeseburgers, pasta sauces, soup and getting high enough to think that the Grateful Dead were actually a good band when in fact they were just a bunch of spaced-out, balding junkies with two songs they managed to spread out over four hours as a scam to sell tie-dyed T-shirts.
      > Ecru? Sounds like a cough. (Don't forget--I'm a doctor.)
      > And Taupe? I looked up "taupe" in a dictionary and here's what it says: "A moderate to dark brownish gray slightly tinged with purple, yellow or green." Jesus Christ. Could there be a less decisive color? Is Taupe running for President Of All Towels?
      > Orange becomes Tangerine or Pumpkin, red becomes Burgundy, white becomes Alabaster, purple morphs into Plum, Lilac, Aubergine and Mauve.
      > The point is--why.
      > Why do we need these colors why is someone getting paid to create them why are women buying towels and curtains and linens and bedspreads named with them and bringing them home or even worse showing us the choices in the catalog BEFORE they buy them and asking us which one we like better the Pewter or the Periwinkle? The Topaz or the Azule?
      > The Milk or the Butter the Cream or the Honey the Egg or the-- I don't know if I'm still picking out bed and bath wear or ordering f**king breakfast.
      > [...]
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      > This job is also going to require some "transcreation", because it contains quite a few color names that would be impossible in English. The English-speaking mind would be confused by "vanilla yellow" or "ice green". (Things named "vanilla" in English are always white, and things called "ice" are always white or blue.)
      > Jamie
      > On Jan 19, 2013, at 3:41 AM, Martin Janda wrote:
      >> Morning Jamie,
      >> I would say the stuff I "vlozim do objednavky" is something that is
      >> ready to buy/be provided. Stuff to be "vlozit do poptavky" is something
      >> I want but isnot ready. I might not even know a specific provider.
      >> Something like a call for bids. Not sure about vkladani do kosiku - that
      >> may be either a pre-step for objednavka. But just guessing. Another
      >> explanation is that different modules of the website have been designed
      >> by different web designer who did not communicate much to each other.
      >> Perhaps you can send usa link?
      >> My 2 c's
      >> Martin
      >> Dne 19.1.2013 2:36, James Kirchner napsal(a):
      >>> I've got a website for electrical switches here that's kind of messy
      >>> (especially the English in the parts that are already completed).
      >>> Apparently you can "vlozit do kosiku", "vlozit do objednavky" and
      >>> "vlozit do poptavky". These all seem to be separate, distinct things,
      >>> particularly since shoppers on the site have a "poptavkovy kosik".
      >>> Can anyone give me an idea of what these separate things might be?
      >>> Thanks for any help.
      >>> Jamie
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