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Re: [Czechlist] Re: Priestupky proti obèians kemu spoluna¾ívaniu

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  • vtalacko@ageng.pair.com
    (sorry, correction - none of them are administrative). Valerie
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 5, 2012
      (sorry, correction - none of them are administrative).


      > Some would be torts in English law, some can be torts and crimes,
      > depending on what happened. There's no longer criminal libel in English
      > law.
      > I think the right word to cover them all here in the Slovak context is
      > delict (but not administrative delict, because only a couple of them are
      > administrative).
      > As for the obcianske spolunazivani, I think you just have to translate
      > that literally (which is the best strategy for these things anyway). Civil
      > coexistence is fine IMO.
      > Valerie
      >> Hi Charlie,
      >> I believe that under the law of England and Wales (the only legal system
      >> I
      >> am familiar with) these would surely be criminal offences and there is
      >> not
      >> a single category that would cover them all. Although d)could possibly
      >> be
      >> a public order offence (like affray), the others could be common
      >> assault,
      >> fraud, harassment... You may need to list them like that.
      >> Hope that helps a bit,
      >> ZORA
      >> --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "Charlie Stanford Translations"
      >> <charliestanfordtranslations@...> wrote:
      >>> Help please listmates.....
      >>> In a Slovak file they talk about "Priestupky proti obèianskemu
      >>> spoluna¾ívaniu" and I am not sure what this would be in English. Public
      >>> order offences is not really right and "Offences against civil
      >>> coexistence" sounds pretty horrible. Can anything think of the right
      >>> term?
      >>> Here is the definition in the relevant Act:
      >>> Priestupky proti obèianskemu spoluna¾ívaniu
      >>> (1) Priestupku sa dopustí ten, kto
      >>> a) inému ublíþi na cti tým, þe ho urazí alebo vydá na posmech,
      >>> b) inému z nedbanlivosti ublíþi na zdraví,
      >>> c) úmyselne uvedie nesprávny alebo neúplný údaj pred ¹tátnym orgánom,
      >>> pred orgánom obce alebo pred
      >>> organizáciou za úèelom získania neoprávnenej výhody,
      >>> d) úmyselne naru¹í obèianske spolunaþívanie vyhráþaním ujmou na zdraví,
      >>> drobným ublíþením na zdraví,
      >>> nepravdivým obvinením z priestupku, schválnos»ami alebo iným hrubým
      >>> správaním
      >>> e) od iného násilím sám alebo za pomoci ïal¹ích osôb vymáha majetkové
      >>> práva alebo práva z nich vyplývajúce,
      >>> o ktorých sa domnieva, þe mu patria bez vykonateµného rozhodnutia
      >>> príslu¹ného orgánu,
      >>> f) napomáha osobnou úèas»ou násilnému vymáhaniu majetkových práv alebo
      >>> práv z nich vyplývajúcich, hoci
      >>> na ich vymáhanie niet vykonateµného rozhodnutia príslu¹ného orgánu
      >>> Thank you for anything.
      >>> Charlie
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