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Proofreading versus copy-editing

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  • Jirka Bolech
    ... the target text) and copy-editing (checking consistency between the source and target texts... Sorry, I didn t make the distinction. In either case,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2000
      Michael Grant wrote:

      > You're talking about editing/revision/post-editing. Proofreading is
      > just checking spelling, punctuation, omissions, things like that, but
      > excludes actual editing of the text. Either way, I'd charge an hourly
      > rate (a fairly high one because I'd rather avoid this kind of work
      > anyway).
      > Of course I'd prefer to have the original available, but I wouldn't
      > necessarily refuse a job just because it's not available.

      Tomas wrote:

      > In my experience, there is a difference between proofreading (polishing
      the target text) and copy-editing (checking consistency between the source
      and target texts...

      Sorry, I didn't make the distinction. In either case, however, it probably
      usually represents dealing with someone else's translation. So in practical
      terms it may well mean that whether a job is just proofreading or
      copy-editing depends on how good or bad the translation to correct is. I
      think that Michael's suggestion to use an hourly rate solves the problem
      since the quality levels are very likely to differ within a continuous
      range; if
      the client is willing to accept it. I'm trying to avoid hourly rates for
      jobs with written documents unless it's really impossible to apply a
      wordcount-based one, though. You can't expect the same productivity with
      every job, can you? I mean, if the productivity's lower than you like,
      perhaps you've learnt something new to get educated. On the other hand, I
      admit, you don't want to get ripped off, either. One way or another, I was
      just curious what rates my colleagues charge for this kind of work. Thanks
      for you inputs.

      Jirka Bolech
      Liberec, CR
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