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  • Ing. Jiří Klíma
    Thank you Romana and Jamie for your responses. I was really surprised about the questions but you have explained me, Jamie, their purpose that might be
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      Thank you Romana and Jamie for your responses. I was really surprised about
      the questions but you have explained me, Jamie, their purpose that might be
      meaningful in US. As you recommend (and Global IT too), I left these fields

      Have a nice day



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      I am the president of the translators association for the state of Michigan,
      where Global LT is located. (We're a chapter of the ATA.) Global LT is one
      of our members, and they often collaborate with us to hold workshops, etc.

      I never hear any complaints about Global LT in terms of promptness of
      payment, as long as you'll work for their prices. The translators and
      interpreters I run into who work for them like them and are very loyal. The
      few times I've worked for them, they've been very ethical, paid on time,

      As to the questions you see on their employment documents, there is a reason
      for them in an American context.

      1. I think you'll find that the question about race is optional. Many
      Americans don't fill it out, and some Americans can't fill it out, because
      they don't belong to any race. They ask about the person's race, because the
      federal government sometimes harasses companies about the proportion of
      ethnic minorities they employ and will occasionally penalize a company if
      the bureaucrats decide that the racial percentages are improper.

      Secondly, when the federal government issues contracts, they want to know
      the races of the people who will work on the project. (I worked for one
      company that actually hired a black executive just to bid on a federal
      contract and then promptly fired him if they didn't win the contract. At
      another company I worked at, they promoted a black woman to VP for this
      purpose, and a Lebanese-American woman got a suntan so that she could be
      mistaken for a Latin American or some other kind of "non-white".)

      2. The question about felony convictions is normal, if they're working on
      high-security government or corporate work. The job application form at our
      local art museum has the same question. I don't see that as being any
      different than the urad prace asking for a copy of your police file
      (translated, in my case) before they'll issue a zivnostensky list.

      3. The request for a driver's license number is for them to use in case they
      need to do a background check, again for criminal convictions, etc. Chances
      are, they will never perform such an investigation.

      So, from what I hear on the ground in Michigan, Global LT is a good company.
      And the questions they're asking you are normal here.


      On Apr 14, 2012, at 3:14 AM, jiri_klima wrote:

      > Ahoj vsem,
      > mate nekdo zkusenosti s anglickou agenturou Global LT? Dostal jsem od nich
      poptavku a dohodli jsme se bez problemu na cene. Pak jsem ale od nich dostal
      "Hiring documents", kde mne zarazil obsah techto dokumentu. Ptaji se na moji
      rasu, jestli jsem byl nekdy trestany za kriminalni delikty, chteji vedet
      cislo ridicaku, atd. Otazky, jejichz vyznam v souvislosti s vykonem
      prekladatele vubec nechapu.
      > Budu rad i za zkusenosti s platbou.
      > Diky a hezky den
      > Jirka
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