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RE: [Czechlist] vykonanim statnej skusky

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  • Sarka Rubkova
    I usually translat it as a professional proficiency examination because, together with the thesis it should prove that you are able to work as an
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 2, 2012
      I usually translat it as a "professional proficiency examination" because,
      together with the thesis it should prove that you are able to work as an
      professional in a certain area. It usually covers more subjects.


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      As no one seems to have responded to the graduation options question, here
      we go Charlie: No, I don't think you are able to graduate from a Czech
      university unless you pass a statni zkouska. (Not sure about 'prava v Plzni'
      and similar schools though.)

      If I was to translate this text, I would simply go for 'gratuated from'
      but admittedly, many Czech clients expect the zkouska thing to appear in an
      English translation they have paid for.


      Dne 1.3.2012 16:50, Charles Stanford napsal(a):
      > A customer has queried my (SK) translation of "ukoncila vysokoskolske
      > studium vykonanim statnej skusky" which I translated as "has completed a
      > course of university studies, culminating in an examination". She didn't
      > like my use of "examination" for statnej skusky" - perhaps rightly so -
      > my thinking was that every university course ends in a "state examination"
      > and so I felt that "state" was redundant in English. You don't have
      > university courses ending in "regional examinations" - they all end with
      > the "state examination" and tacking the "state" on to my mind sounded a
      > too stilted. Perhaps I should have put "final examination" - "examination"
      > does look a bit too "throw-away" perhaps.... What I am wondering is
      > you can "ukoncit vysokoskolske studium" in any other way than "vykonanim
      > statnej skusky", i.e. through a dissertation or some sort of ongoing
      > assessment. Hope that makes sense.
      > Charlie
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