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Re: Re[2]: [Czechlist] Layby- rastplatz - truck stop?

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  • Charlie Stanford Translations
    Thanks to both of you, Matej and Jamie - in the end I thought I would go for something as international as I could and use when I park up . I don t know if we
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      Thanks to both of you, Matej and Jamie - in the end I thought I would go for something as international as I could and use "when I park up". I don't know if we have those German-type ones in Britain anyway (what the French call an aire don't they... - perhaps not enough space on our little island and we always plonk a service centre in a place like that). I don't know when a German P becomes a Rastplatz or a Tankstelle mit Rastplatz or a Raststaette and I never really know what to do for Canadians - whether to Americanise everything or plod on with "lorries" and "laybys". Sometimes I suppose we just have to pray that the translation only gets glanced over and the customer doesn't speak the other language. I was wrong with "truck stop" anyway - that's for certain. I think we would understand it (truck stop) too as a diner for truck-drivers or something like that but nothing like a Rastplatz.

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      Rastplatz is what Brits would call Motorway Services, I think, a large
      filling station with shop, a restaurant and possibly a motel, large
      parking areas for trucks and a smaller one for PKW's, but the whole
      thing is both for trucks and normal cars... it's called 'Rastplatz this
      or that' on the motorway signs...

      Not sure if Germans call the unattended/picnic+smelly toilet thing the
      same name, they might in speech, but it's just marked as 'P' (as in
      Parking) on signs, with no name..

      Your description sounds like it's mostly/predominantly/exclusively for
      truckies and a normal person in a passenger car would avoid it and go
      somewhere else, is that the case?


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      > A truck stop is actually a restaurant and filling station set up for
      >truck drivers. It has an inexpensive restaurant and gas pumps. It
      >usually has a big parking lot where the drivers can sleep in their
      >cabs, if they need to.
      >The photos I see on Google of "Rastplatze" look like what North
      >Americans call a "rest area". It's got a primitive toilet, picnic
      >tables, etc., and there's nothing to eat there.
      >On Feb 20, 2012, at 2:01 PM, Charlie Stanford Translations wrote:
      >> One for the Americans please - what do you call a layby for
      >lorries/trucks in the US - actually it is for Canada...? What they
      >call a Rastplatz in German. Can anyone tell me please?
      >> Charlie
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