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Re: person gets her, was "Call us on"

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  • Melvyn
    ... creaky voice in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWAgt_YCNuw You won t find any young men talking like that. Here are some young men using
    Message 1 of 24 , Dec 31, 2011
      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, James Kirchner <czechlist@...> wrote:
      >A current speech phenomenon among young American women is what some phonologists call "creaky voice". <snip> You can hear that style of
      "creaky voice" in this video:
      You won't find any young men talking like that.

      Here are some young men using "creaky voice":


      Here as elsewhere the phenomenon is particularly associated with Pacific Northwest speech:


      And I have also read repeatedly that it is a trademark of Bill Clinton (and the comedians who imitate him):
      "Bill brought the creak out of the vocal backwoods and gave it new respectability. Notable creakers like Eddie Murphy and John Travolta didn't sound so pretentious* anymore [...]
      More and more men in the media are going creaky. It won't be long before those of us with an ordinary voice will be outnumbered."

      Another creaky young gentleman for you

      From my British viewpoint the weird thing is that I find this "vocal fry" to be a pretty routine part of just about everybody's expressive repertoire in Britain, whether RP or regional. What it actually expresses is a moot point. There must be a thesis in there for somebody. My theory is that it can often be used to express familiarity and "knowingness" - cue "the voice of experience", but in larger doses It can come over as self-absorbed and smug, or as a parody of self-absorption and smugness (check out Mr Bean and Kenneth Williams).

      So it strikes me as odd that young American women are being singled out here. I don't get it. Are they, too, perceived by some as *pretentious? Do they sound "uppity"?



      >Girls like the one in the video
      will probably have to lose that if they get serious jobs.
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