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HELP: about forklifts

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  • Tomas Mosler
    Dear all, I m working on an e-learning module about forklifts (vysokozdvizne voziky) and there are some terms I d like to read your advice about. Please can
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2010
      Dear all,

      I'm working on an e-learning module about forklifts (vysokozdvizne voziky) and there are some terms I'd like to read your advice about. Please can the technicians here take a look?

      1) safety redundancy / redundant safety (systems)
      - occurences:
      "Safety redundancy controller system"

      "Safe controller – redundant safety thanks to twin processors

      All safety-related control signals – such as those for traction and lifting – are transmitted twice by the twin processors in the controller ensuring safe, reliable operation. All electronic circuit boards are housed in ultra-stable aluminium housings."

      "Protected electrical components and redundant controller systems ensure reliability and offer versatility and adaptability to meet the widest range of customer requirements."

      --- Now, I can think of redundant safety as for example "zdvojene zabezpeceni", redundand controller systems as "zdvojene ridici systemy", safe controller as "bezpecnostni modul" (?), but what about the first item - Safety redundancy controller system? "Ridici system se zdvojenym zabezpecenim"?
      (NB this "zdvojeny" refers to dual transmission of data as described above.)

      2) load arms
      - context:
      "Changing the battery with a pedestrian warehouse truck:
      The electric powered battery changing truck (Customised option) can be used with chains or a spreader. After hooking up the chains or locking on the spreader, the battery is lifted hydraulically and removed. It can be rested on the load arms when moving it over longer distances."

      --- What are the load arms (in case of a pedestrian truck)? Is it the same thing as forks at a forklift? (Vidlice) Or is some other Czech word more suitable?

      3) CE connector
      "The conveniently located CE connector is connected to the mains supply and the charging process can then begin."

      --- Here I ran across three different meanings:
      a) connector Conformité Européenne - in conformity with EC
      b) close end connector (the end is "closed/isolated" if not in use)
      c) cable end connector (the connector is at the end of a cable)

      Which one, in your opinion, would fit best?

      Thank you very much.

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