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Re: [Czechlist] s vyhradou dukazu

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  • Jirka Bolech
    Hi Charlie, I haven t seen any responses to this query of yours. S vyhradou dukazu sounds like with reservation of [further] evidence to me. If I
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2010
      Hi Charlie,

      I haven't seen any responses to this query of yours. "S vyhradou dukazu"
      sounds like "with reservation of [further] evidence" to me. If I
      understand correctly, it means that further evidence is reserved,
      perhaps for submission, before a conclusive decision is made. I'm not a
      lwayer and neither am familiar with such a situation to tell you more,
      such as who can provide such evidence, if there's a deadline, etc...

      Jirka Bolech
      with reservation of being wrong

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