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ISSUE: Ceny (+CHAT where is Bob?)

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  • Melvyn Clarke
    ... be very ... those who ... able to ... Hi, Sorry, I ve not had much time this week to give this question a considered response and I m not sure I can add
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2000
      --- In Czechlist@egroups.com, "Kostas Zgafas" <kzgafas@t...> wrote:
      > I would
      be very
      > interested in hearing from native English speakers, mostly from
      those who
      > are based in the CR what they think about this issue. What is their
      > experiences with local agencies, with their own clients? Are they
      able to
      > recommend us how to deal in trying to increase rates?
      > K.


      Sorry, I've not had much time this week to give this question a
      considered response and I'm not sure I can add anything important that
      has not been said already. No, I am not able to recommend any special
      approach but I can tell you a little about my experience.

      Some agencies will offer set rates and hope to stick to them. I don't
      go along with that these days.
      When they phone on Friday afternoon with that hint of desperation in
      their voice, I will insist on a flexible approach to rates. On the
      other hand, if I am offered an interesting job, say, with background
      documentation in English, in a field I would like to get into more,
      then some would shake their
      heads sadly at just how low I am prepared to go. "Muzeme se operativne
      dohodnout" is a
      phrase I like to use as regards my fee and other matters.

      On agencies in general here, I'd say they are sometimes useful and
      often useless. I used
      Skrivanek a couple of times in the past but found their staff
      extremely rude and pushy
      so I stopped. At least they _are_ prepared to bargain, though, as are
      several others, e.g.
      Voyage, ITC and Finlingua.

      One of the big problems with agencies here, I find, is that in
      telephone negotiations, the
      staff often seem to have difficulty assessing the technical complexity
      of a text, and their
      ability to give an approximate idea of the number of standard pages
      also leaves a lot to be
      desired. So I rarely commit myself over the phone, unless they have
      proved their reliability in the past.

      Might be a good idea to set up an anonymous poll for us to give each
      Prague agency a rating.

      Whaddya think?

      With clients, my overall motto is: "Poor planning on your part does
      not mean an emergency
      situation on my part". Everything _is_ negotiable except my beauty
      sleep. Other than that - no comment.

      --- In Czechlist@egroups.com, "Kostas Zgafas" <kzgafas@t...> wrote:
      > I just wonder why I haven´t seen any message from Bob (Bobek) for a
      > time. Is he OK?
      > Does anyone know?
      > K.

      I contacted him a couple of weeks ago and he told me he had his hands
      rather full at the moment. That's the way it goes with some
      contributors - they disappear from view for a few months and then come
      back when you least expect it.

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