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  • jpelka@seznam.cz
    Hi Mirek, ... adjektiv, vyrobený, dodávaný, nebo licencovaný (apod.) spoleèností Microsoft ... ? ... ?? ... is it computer related context? - otherwise
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2000
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      Hi Mirek,

      my opinion (my best shot):

      > microsoft = mikropočítačový software

      "adjektiv, vyrobený, dodávaný, nebo licencovaný (apod.) společností

      > FUD = strach

      > fudge factor = opravný faktor


      > guard-rail tie bar = přívorný klín přídržné kolejnice

      is it computer related context? - otherwise I guess I was holding
      couple of times those kind of guard-rails tie bars at various beer
      bars :-)

      > guarrelsome (typo?) = hašterivý
      this one is OK ("inclined to quarrel, i.e. choleric, irascible,
      petulant, litigous, pugnacious, brawling, fiery, hot-tempered,
      contentious, irritable..." quote from generic unabridged webster)

      > staff woman = nosič latě

      "žena patřící k (našim) zaměstnancům"

      > stage pupal = stadium kukly (slovosled)

      yep, it should be "pupal stage" or "stage of pupa" ("pupal" is
      > to be continued ...

      Mirek, what about telling the author (not unlike my colleague told
      one "translator") - "hey, go get some language course first, or tell
      you previous schools to give you back your tuition!" :-)

      Jirka P.
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