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Re: [Czechlist] 3 questions

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  • James Kirchner
    ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sapper Of Jirka s suggestions I would go with tank destroyer , because the other one sounds ancient -- from before the time
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 20, 2009

      > A sapper or combat engineer is an individual soldier who performs a
      > variety of combat engineering duties. Such tasks typically include
      > bridge-building, laying or clearing minefields, demolitions, field
      > defences, and building, road and airfield construction and repair. A
      > modern sapper's tasks involve facilitating movement and logistics of
      > allied forces and impeding that of enemies.


      Of Jirka's suggestions I would go with "tank destroyer", because the
      other one sounds ancient -- from before the time of tanks. On the
      other hand, "tank destroyer" sounds like a machine. You could always
      refer to them collectively as an "anti-tank unit" or an "anti-tank
      squad". The person could be an "anti-tank specialist". The US Army
      has a badge for an "anti-tank specialist".

      If the definition from Wikipedia fits the job of the soldier you're
      trying to name, you're best off going with "combat engineer", because
      "sapper" would be opaque to most native English-speaking readers.


      On Sep 20, 2009, at 5:19 PM, Jirka Bolech wrote:

      > Hi Alexis,
      > welcome!
      > 1) I didn't know "tankobornik", but the The Millennium dictionary
      > suggests
      > what seems to correspond well with the difinition in the Slovnik
      > spisovnoho
      > jazyka ceskeho: 'tank destroyer' or 'antitank rifle grenadier'.
      > 2) See Gerry's second post.
      > 3) I agree with Gerry again. I'd only add that it is period language
      > and
      > nowadays "popletli" (if not "zblbli") is more likely to be used in
      > place of
      > "spletli"...
      > Jirka Bolech
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