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Re: [Czechlist] TERM: proprietary tool

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  • James Kirchner
    You understood it correctly. It doesn t necessarily have to be sami pro sebe , but it could just be sami . For example, some computer consultants tried to
    Message 1 of 4 , May 29, 2009
      You understood it correctly. It doesn't necessarily have to be "sami
      pro sebe", but it could just be "sami". For example, some computer
      consultants tried to sell a company I worked for a payroll reporting
      system that was unacceptable for two reasons:

      1. It was written in proprietary language (i.e., the programming
      language was exclusive to that consulting firm and developed by them).
      2. It worked in Windows only.

      The "Windows only" part has nothing to do with your question, but it's
      part of what really happened in the situation.

      Anyway, "proprietary" in situations like this means that that company
      developed it, and it's exclusive to them, but not necessarily that
      they use it only for their own purposes.


      On May 29, 2009, at 5:25 AM, Hana Jarolímová wrote:

      > Aho vsichni,
      > mam vetu, ze spolecnost XXX developed this proprietary tool to enhance
      > the quality of its works.
      > Mysli se ti jenom, ze tu aplikaci vyvinuli sami pro sebe nebo to chapu
      > spatne?
      > Diky
      > H

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