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Re: HELP: zakaz retezoviteho zakladani

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  • melvyn.geo
    Hi Coilin, The only occurrence of zakaz that I can find in the archives under your name is zakaz retezeni :
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 20, 2009
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      Hi Coilin,

      The only occurrence of "zakaz" that I can find in the archives under your name is "zakaz retezeni":


      Different situation but the idea of repetition is there okay.

      This page:


      indicates that the paragraph of the Commercial Code concerned is § 105 (2).

      A quick check suggests that the idea of repetition is indeed implied there:

      (2) A limited liability company may be formed by one person. A single-member limited liability
      company cannot form or be a single member of another company. This shall not affect the provisions
      of section 66a(7). One individual may be a member of not more than three limited liability companies.

      A limited liability company is a very popular legal form for small- and medium-sized businesses in the Czech
      Republic. A limited liability company can be formed by one or more persons (individuals, entities), but the
      maximum number of its members is 50. All members are recorded in the Commercial Register. The amended
      wording of the Commercial Code restricts the possibility of one individual being a single member of other
      limited liability companies. A single-member company (except for a holding type group/company) may not
      be the only founder or member of another company. The registered capital of a limited



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