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Re: [Czechlist] tlumoceni

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  • Alena Rysková 2e
    Dobre odpoledne, nemel byste nekdo zajem o tlumoceni 2.9. v Lednici (Morava), tema zdravotnictvi (neurologie)? Ozvete se, prosim, offlist. Krasny den Alena
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2008
      Dobre odpoledne,
      nemel byste nekdo zajem o tlumoceni 2.9. v Lednici (Morava), tema zdravotnictvi (neurologie)?
      Ozvete se, prosim, offlist.
      Krasny den
      Alena Ryskova

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      Subject: [Czechlist] Re: zdravotnicky prostredek

      Zdravotnicky prostredek = medical device. V Evrope plati pro
      zdravotnicke prostredky smernice 93/42/EEC.
      Lecivo = medicinal product (jestli se nemylim)
      Petr Adamek
      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "mir.capek" <mir.capek@...> wrote:
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Can anyone tell me the difference between a "zdravotnicky
      > prostredek"
      > > and "lecivo"?
      > >
      > > Thank you.
      > >
      > > Jamie
      > >
      > Hello Jamie
      > Lecivo - lek - lecivy pripravek (LP)- all of them could be taken for
      > kind of synonyms, their use tend to alternate and substitute each
      > other, putting certain degree of variety into the texts of decrees
      > and laws. This is good for the native language speaker, but does not
      > work for the outsiders. You will be able to spot tiny nuances in the
      > usage of these terms but in general they are synonymic rather than
      > hypernyms or hyponyms. The widest meaning would be ascribed to 'lek'
      > and 'Lecivo' by most Czech pharmacologists or registration dept
      > officials in SUKL, whereas 'lecivy pripravek' might sound more of a
      > hyponym, this is brandname, or proprietary name of a drug, the
      > word 'pripravek' translates as pharmacological preparation strictly
      > speaking, something that was made of substances and consists of
      > ingredients.
      > zdravotnicky prostredky, prostredky zdravotnicke techniky,ZP are in
      > fact all other things which get in touch directly with the body of
      > a patient but are not administered into her or his body.
      > You have to take into your account that instead of a 'patient' you
      > can
      > always encounter the use in a healthy person or patient as a
      > diagnostic agent, or to modify physiological
      > function or to prevent a disease (patient is not a necessary
      > prerequisite for both categories). Broadly speaking, zdravotnicke
      > prostredky as usually translated 'medical devices' are non-drugs.
      > A bit confused & confusing:
      > The three golden rule are:
      > i. When something should treat a disease, modify physiological
      > functions
      > (contraception etc) or diagnose (x-ray contrast media, short term
      > radionuclides) or prevent a disease (vaccines) this is ZP or LP
      > ii. When in goes into a human body - this is an LP
      > iii. when not this is a ZP.
      > Hope this might be of some help at least.
      > After all a very very good question worth spending time going into
      > details
      > miroslav
      > prague

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