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Re: Titul "inzenyr" ve vysokoskolskem diplomu

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  • Vitezslav Ruzicka
    Kostasi, nevylucuji, ze ve svem partikularnim pripade muzes mit pravdu, nicmene, alespon zcela jiste pro U.K., kde se diplom BSc (BA) ziskaval po trech letech
    Message 1 of 41 , Jul 1, 2008
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      Kostasi, nevylucuji, ze ve svem partikularnim pripade muzes mit pravdu,
      nicmene, alespon zcela jiste pro U.K., kde se diplom BSc (BA) ziskaval
      po trech letech studia na VS, platily ekvivalenty MA = PhDr, ..., Ing.
      = MSc, ziskavane po studiu petiletem. Nevim, mozna je studium v US
      dvojnasobne narocne :-)

      With all the respect due

      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "kzgafas" <kzgafas@...> wrote:
      > Na takovou blbost:-) jsem prisel tak, ze jsem v USA program M.S.
      > absolvoval se vsim vsudy a mel jsem moznost porovnat jeho napln s
      > nasim vysokoskolskym studiem (po strance jednotlivych predmetu tak i
      > po strance rozsahu prakticke prace spojene s konecnou diplomovou
      > praci). Take jsem mel moznost porovnat obdobne rozsah a napln stuidii
      > B.Sc a naseho Ing.
    • radekpletka
      I think the best way how to evaluate the value of your degree is to see how big salary you can get with it. Money talks (smile). This is also the reason why
      Message 41 of 41 , Nov 24, 2008
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        I think the best way how to evaluate the value of your degree is to
        see how big salary you can get with it. Money talks (smile).
        This is also the reason why some countries and schools have more
        students and applicants than other.
        If European degrees were so great from future salary point of view, I
        am sure all Americans would vote with their feet and study in Europe
        and not the other way around (smile).
        So your stats are clearly showing that most students think they will
        get the best value with US degrees - I wonder why, if the European
        educational system is so great compared with lousy US system (smile)

        Radek Pletka

        --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "gomozilla" <gomozilla@...> wrote:
        > I don't agree with some folks that Americans make up the highest
        > percentage of Grad students in US. That's absolutely wrong and based on
        > facts it's the opposite.
        > Here are some facts:-
        > http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-
        > dyn/content/article/2006/04/17/AR2006041701124.html
        > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Educational_attainment_in_the_United_States
        > If not satisfied by that I'll feed ya with more information.
        > Now regarding quantity of European Engineer degrees, sometimes it
        > depends with the country.
        > East European Countries are marginalized by the big guys in the
        > academic arena, that's the reason why the annual University rankings
        > drop a lot of Eastern European countries, reason? No idea may be it's
        > pay back time.
        > Some US universities assert that 2 ECTS = 1 US Credit. Now to complete
        > a Masters degree in say Czech Rep. one needs atleast 120 ECTS so
        > roughly that would be equivalent to 60 US Grad school credits.
        > To complete a US MS in Engineering one needs 30 credits and a research
        > thesis. Don't forget there are some Masters based on coursework without
        > a research thesis.
        > So when you do the math 30 US credits lead to a MS in US. Atleast
        > 120ECTS lead to Ing. (MS) in Czech republic with a thesis.
        > The only weak point with a Czech Ing. is first class research, For a
        > uni to be successful in research it needs funding, and as you well know
        > the Czech govt isn't funding Higher Educ compared to other leading OECD
        > countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany etc. but that doesn't
        > mean Ing. isn't a masters!
        > The other problem is CZ would be folks cheat a lot (tahaky), one can
        > get a red diplom with tahaky. A red diplom is an equivalent of cum
        > laude.
        > I want you to realize that Masters degrees in UK last for only one
        > academic year (12months) and guess what? They are recognized in US!
        > Ask yourself a MSc. for one year! with about 5-6 courses taken and a
        > research thesis is recognized as a Masters and an Ing. with something
        > atleast 24 courses and a thesis isn't recognized don't you see it for
        > yourself that it's bureaucracy?
        > I attended a Czech uni and i had to amass 350 ECTS for my integrated
        > masters, a research thesis done in the industry, participated in an
        > International Conference, sat for viva voce exams (state exams),
        > defended publicly my masters thesis, I think it would be unfair to
        > equate my integrated Masters to a US BSc.
        > If iam to use the US criteria of 1 US credit = 2ECTS then I have an
        > equivalent of atleast 175 US credits, I took more than 100 courses of
        > those 66 were examinable. So you can do the math.
        > To get a doctorate in CZ one needs to take about 5 - 6 courses within
        > two years and complete a desertation in the final year, sit for viva
        > voce exams, and publicly defend the desertation.
        > To get a doctorate in US one needs to take 5-8 courses, sit for
        > qualifying exams within the first two years, research, participate in
        > International conferences and document the research in form of a
        > desertation which is also defended in public.
        > So where is the difference? Public defence in CZ is through a
        > committee, public defence in US is as the word goes "public" undegrads,
        > grads are free to attend.
        > Well a doctoral candidate has to participate in International
        > conferences why? Well like i said before, R&D in US is advanced and
        > there's money for it.
        > A doctoral candidate is supposed to publish in a peer review journal
        > well since the supervisors are folks who are advanced in R&D and at the
        > sametime full Professors i think you can see why after completing a PhD
        > one can be with about 4 peer review journal publications based on his
        > research topic.
        > In CZ, the supervisors some speak little or even no English at all,
        > many are not even Professors they are very very old and they are still
        > Docents (Assoc. Professors) with some substantial publications in Czech
        > and lecture handouts. So you can see the quality of research. This also
        > explains why Academy of Sciences, and Other research institutes in CZ
        > are the leading researchers and NOT universities.
        > Actually to apply for direct admission to a PhD with a Czech or Slovak
        > qualification some Universities McGill, Waterloo, Toronto etc. put it
        > clearly that you need to be with a PhD.
        > Goodness one needs a Czech PhD to get admitted to the leading Canadian
        > Universities for a PhD!
        > I don't get it! It just sends my mind into orbital motion heading to
        > Mars.
        > In brief this whole thing of US marginalizing Eastern European
        > qualifications is kind of political i would say. May be if a lot of
        > Eastern Europeans go and excel in US then they'll start to recognize
        > that Ing. is definitely above a US Masters because it's an Engineers
        > degree and would lead to direct doctoral research.
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