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Re: [Czechlist] translation software for Mac?

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  • James Kirchner
    I upgraded to Leopard a few months ago, and was cussing a lot at the time, but Apple s subsequent downloadable upgrades to the OS and to the firmware took care
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 13, 2008
      I upgraded to Leopard a few months ago, and was cussing a lot at the
      time, but Apple's subsequent downloadable upgrades to the OS and to
      the firmware took care of all my problems.

      Besides this, you should know that the new version of MS Office is now
      out for Macs. It's Office 2008, is approximately equivalent to Office
      2007 for Windows, and is supposedly designed for Leopard.

      As for translation software, there are a few ways you can go.

      One is to use Wordfast, which is a macro within MS Office, but on a
      Mac this will restrict you to doing Word files only, because in the
      Mac OS, Word, Excel and PowerPoint don't talk to each other through
      Wordfast, as they will in Windows. Wordfast is too buggy for me to
      like it, but it gets the job done -- usually, and if there isn't any
      heavy-duty formatting in your Word file. (It HATES tables of
      contents, for example.)

      A second alternative, if you have a Mac with an Intel processor, is to
      do what I do and install Parallels Desktop and some version of Windows
      Vista along with the Home and Student edition of MS Office 2007.
      Windows runs faster that way than it ordinarily does native on a PC.
      If you do that, you've got your own little Windows computer inside
      your Mac, and you can run any Windows program you want, even dragging-
      and-dropping and copying and pasting from the Mac system into Windows
      and back.

      Using Parallels Desktop for Windows emulation means you can run any
      Windows translation program you want, and like me, toggle back and
      forth between the operating systems, or run the Windows program from
      your Mac desktop as if it were a Mac program. I have Trados set up
      this way, but since I don't like Trados very much, I'm using MemoQ
      instead, which I find much easier to use, and it's free (kind of).

      You can get MemoQ here: http://www.kilgray.com/kilgray/companies/memoq
      You can get Parallels Desktop here: http://www.parallels.com/ Make
      sure you run the newest downloadable version, because it took them a
      few weeks to adapt it to Leopard, and what you get in the box at the
      store may not be the latest, most functional build.

      If you want to stay completely Mac native, there are two sickly
      alternatives. One is not as developed as the other, it seems.

      There is an open-source program called AppleTrans. It's just
      relatively new, and it's not that developed yet. I've tried it a
      little, but I don't like it for heavy-duty work. You can download it
      here: http://appletrans.blogspot.com/

      There is another program, seemingly more developed than AppleTrans,
      called OmegaT. It works in Windows, Mac and Linux on a lot of
      different types of files. I haven't tried it yet, though. You can
      download it here: http://www.omegat.org/en/omegat.html

      If MS Office is giving you trouble, there is a version of OpenOffice
      that works better on the Mac. It's called NeoOffice, and you can get
      it here: http://www.neooffice.org/neojava/404.php

      In my opinion, every translator should have some version of OpenOffice
      in their computer anyway, because it magically cleans up corrupted MS
      Office files. Also, you can get the proofing tools for just about any
      language -- including Czech -- completely free, instead of having to
      pay Micro$oft over a hundred dollars for them. Also OpenOffice (and
      its better Mac version NeoOffice) come with a Canadian spellchecker,
      which MS Office didn't, last I looked.

      If you have any questions, just ask.

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