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Re: [Czechlist] HELP: sales rep jargon

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  • Josef Hlavac
    Hi Coilin, I m mostly as confused as you are. But I ll try anyway. ... YES, sounds like out-of-stock situation ... YES, I d say it is quite common shorthand to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 21, 2007
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      Hi Coilin,

      I'm mostly as confused as you are. But I'll try anyway.

      > 2) Is the use of "vypadek" in the following sentences along the
      > lines of "vypadek v zasobovani", i.e. "supply shortfall"?
      > XX Olomouc – temer cely tyden vypadek YYY Red a ZZZ Slims

      YES, sounds like out-of-stock situation

      > 3) I presume I can take the end of the following"sentence" to
      > mean: "…stojanky na vicenasobne vystaveni YYYY *jsou* OK":

      YES, I'd say it is quite common shorthand to omit the je/jsou/etc. verb
      when something is OK.

      > 5) Is "natural" here simply unleaded petrol or is it a brand name?
      > Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don't drive unfortunately
      > and do not know anything about this sort of thing…

      Natural is simply unleaded petrol.

      > 6) Is the word "tyc" simply a synonym for "karton"? i.e. the wrapped
      > package of 10 packets of cigarettes?

      Don't know. It does sound like a package but it could be of different
      size (maybe one stack that fills up the holder that cigarettes are
      usually stacked in near the cash registers)

      > 9) As regards the word "pribal" could I interpret the following
      > sentence
      > Akce XXX k tyci BRANDU (21,51 eur) nebo 570,- Kc je pribal 0,5 l
      > piva Budvar.
      > as meaning something like
      > There is an XXX campaign for carton(s) of BRAND (21.51 euro or 570
      > CZK) whereby 0.5 l of Budvar beer is being thrown in as an extra.

      YES, I'd say your interpretation is correct.

      > 10) Could I simply use "ads" for motivy here?
      > Stale komunikujeme na prosvetlenych panelech 60 % cenoveho
      > zvyhodneni a 55 % na stojanech MAX u pokladen. Prosime o odpoveï,kdy
      > budou motivy vymeneny za aktualni.
      > i.e.
      > We are still communicating a 60% special price offer on illuminated
      > (backlit?) panels and 55% on MAX stands by the cash registers. Could
      > you please let us know when the ads will be exchanged for up-to-date
      > ones?


      > 12) Is there something missing after the first 5?
      > Fasovat 5 a 5 beden dutinek tydne neni mozne a vozit je na aute s
      > kompletnim sortimentem cigaret a soucasne velke bedny 200g tabaku je
      > problem.

      I'd say that they mean 5 boxes of one sort and 5 boxes of another sort.
      Another explanation might be that they receive the merchandise two times
      a week and get 5 boxes each time.

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